CD Case Calendar




Introduction: CD Case Calendar

use a CD case to make a desk calendar

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

-thick paper
-a printer
- a CD case
-a computer
-a 4.75 by 4.75 inch calendar layout

Step 2: Print

Use the attached link and print it to get the month squares. Word printable doc. You can also use this custom template from Microsoft to make your own calender.

Step 3: CUT

not much to say about this but be precise

Step 4:

fold up the CD case and insert the month paper inside of the case. your done!



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8 months ago

Has anyone updated - made - a template for 2018 for this project?

microsoft links are not working / not found

What did you use to hold the calendar side on the prefered angle?

Excellent idea, with so many possibilities

I think this could be useful for pictures too.

Hey I am going to make this one for sure!!

Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Simply genius!