USBType C to 3.5mm and Charge Simultaneously




Introduction: USBType C to 3.5mm and Charge Simultaneously

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This is the tutorial to make a split jack
and conversion from type C to 3.5 mm and from TYPE-c to micro usb jack

Step 1: Material Required

1.a piece of pcb
2.a 3.5mm female jack ( i got it from old mobile )
3.a type c male pin
(buy any cheap type-c to 3.5mm converter)
4. a female micro usb 2.0 (also from old mobile )

and basic tools
soldering iron
hot glue gun

Step 2:

cut the zero pcb according to size of your phone
then mark the position of type c connector
then place it through hole

Step 3: Wiring and Circuit

wire the both the parts as shown in the image
* i added a resistance​ of 1.2k in between pim 5 and gnd . and then wired it to detector pin of earphone jack

* Some of the chinese adapter comes with their ground pin shorted to pin 5 and this needs to be disengage
** for internal wiring i used laminate copper wire
#. I felt like the pcb is not so strong so i decided to add two wires along the length . i soldered them

Step 4: Setup of Components

you can set component's orientation as you like .
i owe a letv 2 so its already big enough to hold
so i decided to lay down 3.5mm jack parallel to body .
to minimise the height

Step 5: Okei and This Ia Our Final Staep

in this after setting up the circuit
you need to protect it . so
use hot glue to make the body.
u can use a better designs
i believe you will make it better then me .
thanks :)

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    2 Discussions


    Question 11 months ago on Step 1

    Can this be made using a type C charging cable?
    And pls give clear images of your connection on the male type C pin or pls make a video and upload to YouTube


    3 years ago


    Pour votre généreuse contribution en temps..

    Cela m'a donner des idées de réalisations rapides pour Arduino et avec peu de moyens.