CONCERTO: It Is Time to Enrich Your Guitar Solo Performance.




Introduction: CONCERTO: It Is Time to Enrich Your Guitar Solo Performance.

Concerto is box which creates different drum sounds when the musician taps pedals by hand or foot. You may have seen how many street musicians carry a lot of instruments. It may looks nice, but it’s unnecessary and inconvenient. Or you have the experience of playing guitar. In fact, musicians (especially guitarists) only need a small box to synthesize the drum sound.

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Each CONCERTO can make two different sounds. Musicians can also customize their drum sound or sound effects by using USB to upload into CONCERTO.
Scenario 1: This product does not need to be exclusively for a drummer, guitarists may need some basic drum sounds to enrich their music. When people play guitar, they can put CONCERTO on the floor and make connection with speakers and charger (portable charger).

Scenario 2: If you want to play guitar with your friend, you don’t need to prepare a drum kit. You can give your friend the CONCERTO which can be put on the lap easily and then start your performance.

Scenario 3: When you want to create a new song by using guitar, CONCERTO definitely is your best friend. You can make or change beat to assist you to find the best tempo of your new song whenever you want.

Step 1: Making Preparations for 3D Print

After I calculated every components, I made 3D modeling with Rhino to see the product scale and ready for 3D print. I waited long time and also need time to clean support materials when I got them all. I spent 2 days totally to complete these previous works. And the next step is combine them together and put some electronics into it.

Step 2: 3D Print, Assemble and Make It Work!

After I got every components, It was time to assemble. As you can see the pictures, I separated the form into 2 parts because of the scale of 3D printer. It's better if you can print the whole part without a little gap. Actually, when you finish your 3D print, you need to polish them. First step is using joint compound to cover surface. Second step is that you just need time to sand till every plane is flat and smooth. Final step is that choose a spray paint you like. Metal or plastic whatever, and just make real.

Then you just need to put all of your stuff into this plastic case and insert the bottom board to close.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Did I miss something? What kind of synthesizer did you use?


    2 years ago

    That's a neat simple setup for a synthesizer :)