Cabbage Winter Drink (rasoj)

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25 kg of cabbage 3 of wich are red (for coloring)
sea salt* around 500gr (depends on your taste)

* dont know if its called like that

There a story about this drink
Many years ago an old man was dying
His last wish was to drink some cabbage juice (rasoj)
After that he was healed an nobody knew why, until couple of months later when they emptied the boll to throw the left cabbages they saw a snake inside and thats why there is a snake on a pharmacy sign.

Sorry for grammar and words

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Step 1: Vegetable Ninja

Cut some holes and fill with salt. Stack em in the barrel

* banana for scale

Step 2: Final Product

Fill with water untill all the cabbages are submerged

After a week check for saltines add more if needed and mix
Pour from the bottom add to the top :)

The cabbage can be used to make rolls with meet, meet with chopped cabbage and cabbage pie.

If its to salty dont drink it late at night you'll have to sleep with a hose near the bed constantly drinking water.

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4 years ago



4 years ago on Introduction

In Serbia is called "rasol", and beside fermented cabbages being used for sarma, as linolino already said, leftover "drink" rasol, can be used for sobering...


4 years ago

Cool! Every novembar I make this. "Kiseli kupus" :)
Rolls with meat inside = "Sarma"