Cabinet Door Coat Rack



I recently acquired quite a few miniature cabinet doors and after looking around for a few projects to do I was pointed in the direction of making coat racks with them. Need a coat rack for my room I decided to make one.

The total cost of this project was under $10 for me.

Cabinet Door - $0 - Not sure where to get these, my dad gave them to me
Hooks - $2 each - Home Depot
Picture Hanging Loops - $2 - Home Depot(I bought these in large pack)

Wood Drill Bits
Tape Measure

Step 1: Adding the Hooks

Using the tape measure to make sure everything is symmetrical and where you want the hooks to land, mark the screw holes with a sharpie. You can use a longer narrower door and go straight across with the hooks. Once the holes have been pre drilled I recommend trimming the screws with a pair of wire strippers. If you don't it will look like the third picture. 

Step 2:

Attach the wall hanging loops to the back so you can easily hang it wherever you want and you are all done!



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