Cameo Silhouette Carrying Bag


Introduction: Cameo Silhouette Carrying Bag

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There are 2 types of protection for the Silhouette Cameo :
– the dust cover (but you can’t carry it),

– totes (as you can bring your laptop, they are too big).

With this carrying bag, your Silhouette is protected, cords are stored and you can take it wherever you want !

Step 1: Suplies

– 8″1/2 (60 cm) quilted fabric,

– 69″ (175 cm) strapping,

– 35″ (90 cm) zip.

Step 2:

Ask me for the real size printable pattern, I send it by email for free !
Warning : each pieces included a 0,8 cm (0.3″) seam allowance except the “cover” piece.

Cut and overcast every pieces.

Step 3:

Draw all the seam allowance on the back “sides” pieces (4 pieces).

Put the big “side” piece on the “cover” piece, right sides facing, aligning the A.

Step 4:

Use the needle stop down function if you can.
Rotate the “side” piece at each angle.

At the end, don’t sew over the seam allowance mark.

Step 5:

Add the lower “side” piece (don’t sew over the seam allowance mark).
At the end, the B must be together. Do the same for the other side.

Get the particular shape of the Silhouette !

Step 6:

According to your situation :
1) You have found a nice quilted fabric :
Sew the zip.
Sew the pocket and sew it to the bag.

2) You enjoy only one side of your quilted fabric :
(for me a nice gingham on one side, but teddy bears on the other side…).
Sew the cover with the quilted fabric, using the pattern.
Sew a second cover with another fabric but modify the pattern : add 1 cm (0.4″) on each piece, except for the green marks (and except for the pocket pieces !).
Benefits : you sew the pocket only on the upper cover (you won’t see seams inside the bag) and you sew the zip in between the two covers (it will be hidden).

The zip :
Sew the zip onto the seam allowance, right sides facing.
This is why you were supposed to leave them unsew.

The pocket :
Look at the Petit Citron tuto.

Step 7:

The strap :
For strength I didn’t cut the strapping : ends are sewed edge by edge under the cover.

For a good balance, you need to have as much strapping in front and rear of your Silhouette. I sew the strap from the zip to the rear edge (see the red dotted lines).

Please send me a pic of your !!

Faitmain-Faitcoeur website.



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Can you please email me the pattern?

synnove.lovaas (at)

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Please email me the full sized pattern. Thank you!

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1 year ago

I would love to have this pattern sent to my email.



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Thanks for your demand on my website. Pattern sent.

Happy new year!

Can you please send me the full sized pattern? Thank you!

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please send me the full sized pattern for the silhouette bag. Thanks

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please send printable pattern for tote for silhouette cameo. thank you

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Thanks for sending! :)..

I can not find a test square, to measure if the sizes are correct.

Can you give me 1 size, so that I can check it?

Thanks in advance.

As written in my email, the pocket is the control piece.
It must be 16 cm x 24,5 cm.

Its only a pro feature. I wish that would have been displayed prior to signing up an account. I will have to unsubscribe :(

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I think your comment doesn't concern my instructable... because I don't understand what you mean (pro feature ? ).

I would love to have the pattern where do I send you my email?