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Light Panting is nothing but using a camera to capture light over a period of time

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Step 1: Materials Required

1. Any camera with manual mode photography (preferably a DSLR)

2.A tripod (optional)

3. Torch or smartphone light

4.Colored Paper to obviously add color to the panting

Step 2: Setting Up the Camera

Go to the manual mode of the camera

Set the shutter speed to "time" and if you don't have time select the longest time the shutter can be open.

Time also depends on how long you are willing to draw so choose wisely .

Keep the aperture between f9 and f14

Keep the iso at 100 (minimum)

Step 3: Ready Up the Spot!

To not shake the camera keep it on a tripod or a solid object from which you can capture yourself

Darken the area or room , you can't do light panting in a bright room the only light source should be one from your phone or torch .

Step 4: Click;)

With your camera and surroundings ready

Click the shutter button and start drawing in front of your camera

And when done hit the shutter button once again if in time mode to end and create a picture

Step 5: Ideas

Go in a field in the night time along with few people

after pressing the shutter button using different light colors try and draw something .

Encircle your face with light and get an amazing profile picture .

Thank you !

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    2 years ago

    Those are pretty shots :)