Camping Angle-Poise Lamp

Intro: Camping Angle-Poise Lamp

So, you're camping, it's late, you just want to get to sleep. But first, you want to read some of your exciting novel! If, like me, you are poor and don't have a Kindle then you'll probably be stuck with a book. Unfortunately you can't take your angle-poise lamp with you as there are no plug sockets available, you can try with a torch but it's incredibly difficult/unconfortable/annoying to try and hold so you can lie down and read, trust me, look at some of the pictures! Hope is not lost - time to go old-school and whack out the ol' Gameboy Advance SP! You need the Advance SP, or it won't work! Strategically position the device, without cartridge, on your chest and power-up the backlight. It's incredibly powerful for such a small console and produces quite intense light if positioned at the correct angle. Now you can read in peace, you have your own angle-poise camping lamp!!

This also gives you the advantage of being able to play Pokemon, so you probably won't need your book anyway!



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