Canoeing/Fishing Lanyard

Made this after seeing one on this site. This lanyard has four hangers off of it. You can make as many as you want due to the fact that it is one continuous length of paracord.

Step 1:

Determine desired length of lanyard. This length becomes the inside on the lanyard as the knots are tied. Make a loop. Send the knotting rope back through and around itself (See photo). Continue rotating the knot tying from above to underneath.

Step 2:

Continue knotting Until you want to make a hanger. More hangers means you should start the hangers earlier on the lanyard.  I went about five inches on the lanyard before starting the first hanger. Loop the knotting rope out to the desired length for the hanger. Four to six inches is adequate. Do the same knot as in step one. (see photos.)

Step 3:

Knot back to lanyard. Rotating the tying above and below the hanger rope. When you get close to the main lanyard line, tie the knot from the knotting rope back to the main lanyard as shown. This makes the hanger a slip knot.

Step 4:

Continue knotting and creating hangers as in previous steps. When you get towards the end, feed a few inches of the lanyard line into the knotting to create loop for other end. Cut and burn end to finish.

Step 5:

All of the hangers on the lanyard are slipknots. This is convenient to hold different things on your lanyard. It was fun to make, but took quite a long time. About five hours for a lanyard 33 inches long, with hangers 6, 6, 6, and 9 inches long, respectively.



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    I made something like this before i even saw this. Different braid, different purpose. Going to post it for the next paracord contest.

    Interesting but I'm a little confused. Is this lanyard made to wear around your neck or fit on a canoe somehow? I see the whistle you have on there so I think neck but I've been wrong before. If this goes on the neck wouldn't the hangers bother you under your shirt? And If no shirt I'd hate to be tending a fire and a hanger catch on fire. A little clearifcation would be nice.

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    I would be wearing around my neck. However, I almost always have a pfd on. You could also attach to the canoe as well. I would definitely not be tending a fire with this on. Personally would only wear it on the water while fishing. Pliers etc. are held by the hangers, which are all slipknots. Hope I have your vote!!