Car Control With Glove (Wi-Fi)



Hello everyone, I'm Burak Gungor. Firstly, this project controling arduino car with glove. The glove has one MPU6050 6 axis gyro sensor. This sensor control move of hand. In this way the car moving forward, right, left sides and stoping. The communication provide by RF24 wireless module.


For Glove;

1x Glove

1x Arduino Nano

1x RF24 Receiver

1x MPU6050 (gyro sensor)

1x Duracell 9V battery

1x BreadBoard

20-30 jumper cable

1x battery clip connector

For car

1x robot car kit

1x Arduino Uno

1x L298N

2x Duracell 9V battery

2x battery clip connector

Step 1: Build Robot

Firstly we built the car after L298N Arduino Uno and 2 batterry wear with hot silicon. The next step connected equipment with each other with jumper cables. The circuit showing next step. I draw on fritzing.

Step 2: Circiut Diagram of Glove

You can see circuit diagram of glove circuit. The most important all connections because the arduino code write for this connection.You can use breadboard, If you want, I used it because breadboard come in handy. I glued all circuit with hot silicon on the glove. It's easier glued to used biker glove. Because there is strong surface on the glove

Step 3: Circuit Diagram of Car

You can see circuit Diagram of car above. L298N can driver 2 DC motor same time. I used Enable Pins. we can speed control with enable pins 0-255 PWM signal values.

Step 4: Arduino Code of Glove

#include <MPU6050.h> // we add Gyro sensor library

#include <SPI.h> //

#include<RF24.h> // for RF24 wireless module library

#include "Wire.h" // for gyro sensor connection with arduino


MPU6050 accelgyro; // accelgyro name is gyro sensor in code

RF24 radio(9,10); // gyro sensor name is radio and connected (9,10 digital pins)

const byte address[6]="00001"; // this code have to same each other RF24 for communication

int deger2, deger3,deger4,deger5,deger6;

Step 5: The Codes

eldivenx is code of glove..
arabax is code of car..

Step 6: Let's Test It !

This is my first project on instructables. I will share new project also u can follow me on my youtube channel..
This is my youtube channel. I waiting your supports :)

Youtube Channel

Step 7: Video..



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