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This is a "Make 'n' Take" box I made for my mom for her cards that she likes to make as make and takes from different craft and scrap booking stores.

Plastic Canvas Size 7
Size 7 plastic canvas needle
Yarn of various shades (I included my favorite: variegated yarns)
Felt: something that matches your yarn colors
Sewing needle and Thread or Glue

This project is just a basic box, that I made the size of normal greeting cards and then tall enough to hold quite a few cards.  The size and shape of your can vary depending on what you want it for. 

I will add a picture of my planning for the cover if people are interested.  It is easiest to plan out your design with graph paper just drawing slashes between diagonal boxes to make sure whatever you want will fit in the amount of space you have available.  It works well since the graph squares can be exact to the number of squares of plastic canvas you are using.

Also a tip that I should have thought of when I made this box:  I would suggest making the top piece one square longer for each the length and width (than the bottom) so that it closes nicely.  Mine still closed, it was just very snug.

You do the patterns you want for all of the sides.  I designed the top (as you can see) and then used a basic pattern for the sides so they wouldn't be too plain as just the short diagonal yarn stitches.  After all of your pieces are decorated to your liking, I would suggest sewing on pieces of felt to the inside of each piece with needle and thread.  This takes a lot of time but looks nice.  You can also glue the pieces on.  Either method, I would suggest doing it separately for each piece and doing it now before assembling.  (This is as opposed to putting the box together and then trying to cut a interestingly sized piece to fit in a constructed box, which I have tried with a smaller box and it was quite difficult.)

Once the pieces have their felt, it is assembly time.  You simply just do an overhand stitch as can be seen in my daffodil instructable.  When you are done, you can use the cover sides to hold the top in place or you can add a little bit of ribbon to the inside front of the cover and button to the front of the box to help keep it closed.  

(I don't have pictures of my assembly of the piece, otherwise I would post them.)

If anything is unclear, or you just want to know how I did something in perticular in more detail, please, feel free to comment and I will get back to you with details.

Tata and Good crafting :)



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