Card Through Window - Magic Trick

You ask somebody to take a card out of a deck of playing cards. They can pick any card. You ask them to show it around to everyone else but not to let you see it.

You then ask them to put the card back into the deck, and ask them to shuffle the cards. When the cards are completely shuffled you take the cards back.

You then throw the cards at a window and the spectators watch in amazement as the card goes through the window and sticks onto the other side of the window whilst all of the other cards fall down to the floor.

You can do this on any window, inside a shop window or even possible to do into a vending machine which is very powerfull.

Step 1:


To prepare for this trick you need 2 decks with the same back design. Take a card from one of the decks and plant it where-ever you can plant it. To get it into a vending machine you will need to get permission from the person that maintains it.

Once you have planted the card you are ready to perform. All you need to do is find that same card in another deck and put it into the top.

Step 2: Method


You have the card that you need the spectator to pick on the top of the deck. You are going to use a "force" to force the person to take that card.

The one i am going to teach you is called the riffle force however you can learn many others such as the classic force by searching in google.

What you are going to do is cut the deck and hold a "break" where you cut it. A break is where you place your pinky finger in between the two packets of cards to keep them seperated. You do this from the back so that the spectator cant see from the front

You then start to riffle down the deck with the thumb that is holding the deck and ask them to tell you when to stop. Where ever they tell you to stop you are going to pick the cards up at the break. This will be completely un-noticable to the spectator who will think that you just cut the cards where they told you to stop.

You are then going to hand the card they told you to stop at to the spectator and at this point the trick is pretty much done. From now on you just have to worry about your performance and building tension to make the effect for powerfull. Ask the spectator to put the card back into the deck and shuffle them. Let them shuffle untill they are completely satisfied because it does not now matter where their card is.

When they hand you the deck back do not tell them what you are going to do. Just simple say something like "Watch this". Throw the cards at the window and then just let them react. It is best just to stay quiet at this point.

Do not worry about their card still being somewhere in the deck. They wont notice because they think their card is at the other side of the window so they arnt going to be thinking about the rest of the deck at this point. If their card happens to be face up just keep their attention away from it.

Dont go straight away to pick up the cards. Let them react first. After a couple of minutes you can then start to pick up the cards, and most of the time the spectators will help you. If you see their card face up dont go for it straight away but cover it with your leg or foot at you pick up other cards.



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    10 Discussions

    well i know another trick to throw the king through the window, with the side with the animation to your face. but i dont know how to explain


    9 years ago on Introduction

    so you just keep people's attention away from the window with the card on it, and then throw the deck at it. then they're supposed to think you put it through the glass.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice instructable, but could people not post some many extremely important parts of magic on a popular site?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    There are two 'magical parts' to this trick- the force, which is explained OK or can be learned other places, and the 'stick', which can be done in two ways. 1. Have the card already stuck there, and position your audience so the card is slightly behind them. This makes the toss pretty natural- you just toss or spray the cards 'forward' from your position to the target. About the easiest way to naturally hide the card as you gather the audience is to have a friend stand in front of it. 2. Have someone on the 'inside' place it just as the spray of cards blocks the view. This one is great! It works at places where people are naturally close to the other side of the glass, like a cafe or office. Give the insider the duplicate card and practice the timing a few times.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Then of course there is the tricky part of the trick which magically puts the other card on the other side of the window at the exact time you throw the deck of card at it.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    What the poster is failing to mention is that this works because even though the card is already stuck to the glass, the audience isn't paying attention to it. They only notice it after the deck of cards hits the glass, and don't realize that it was there all along.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    can you put a video on how to do this or something cause I don't see how this would work. thanks.