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In this instructable I will try to show you how to make a simple but very cool cardboard bluetooth speaker.

My first instructable was the inspiration for this project.

Very easy project, only few tools needed. I used a lot of recycled pieces to build it.

The sound is amazing for a cheap cardboard speaker!

Step 1: Materials

Thick Cardboard Sheets

2x 15w 8ohm speakers

12v 18650 li-ion battery pack

HX-3S-FL25A 3 SBMS with balancing function

2x10w PAM8610 Amplifier

On/Off switch

Bluetooth module

5v DC-DC Buck converter

Power Jack socket, 2.1mm Connection

Step 2: Speaker Box

Use a precision cutter to cut the carboard :

2 pieces 17cmx17cm (side panels)

2 pieces 17cmx26cm (top and bottom)

4 pieces 17cmx24,5cm (front and back -double)

6 pieces 2cmx22cm (speaker box handle)

Cut round holes for the speakers in both the front panels

Use a hot glue gun to join the cardboard sheets. Use it also for the speakers.

Make it airtight.

Step 3: Electronics

I made a 12v battery pack with li-ion 18650 cels - 3S2P

I added the hx-3s-fl25a-a BMS module because it has over discharge voltage protection and balancing function.

The PAM 8610 amp works with 12v. For the 5v bluetooth module I used a DC-DC 5v buck converter.

Step 4: Finishing

Use the hot glue gun to attach the 12v charging connector and all other electronics, amplifier, battery pack, bluetooth module.

Make two holes on top of the speaker box and attach the handle.

Use paint to make the front panel black.

Use glue to attach a piece of black cloth on the front panel.

I also used a piece of self adhesive bass insulation cotton on the double-back panel and a 10cm long 1inch bass reflex tube on the front. I don't know how this helped but the speaker sound is great :)

Done :).

I hope you will try to make one and write a comment about it

Sorry for my bad english!

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    12 Discussions


    18 days ago

    Great project! I think the only thing I would possibly change is the cardboard. If I make it, I think I’d build the box out of 3/8” plywood.


    4 months ago on Introduction

    This looks like a toy speaker or a recycling project children would bring to school. I am truly amazed that it actually works. I guess it isn't at all about the outlook but it is about making sure your main objective is eventually achieved. The physical aspect of projects shouldn't be made as the main focus in order to achieve great success.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 months ago

    Hello! This speaker can produce great sound. It was a huge surprise for me. I made it for my son but now I used more than any other speaker, and I have a few :). The sound is close to the 80's speakers. And it plays 48hours on one charge at moderate volume :).


    5 months ago on Introduction

    If people only knew just how easy it is to create really useful things in your home, I think we would all save a lot of money…. That's what instructables are for isn't it? This is a really great build - thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    Thank you ! I hope this instructable will help someone. :)


    Answer 5 months ago

    Hello, I will make a new schematic and post it here. I hope it will help you!


    Reply 5 months ago

    Hello, the speakers and 18650 cells were recovered.
    Cardboard Sheets - 0$
    2x 15w 8ohm speakers - recovered -0$ (15-20$ new)
    12v 18650 li-ion cells - recovered- 0$ (about 5$/piece new)
    HX-3S-FL25A 3 SBMS with balancing function - 7$
    2x10w PAM8610 Amplifier - 5$
    On/Off switch - 0,5$
    Bluetooth module -3$
    5v DC-DC Buck converter - 3$
    Power Jack socket, 2.1mm Connection - 0,5$