Cardboard Clock for Learning



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Hi All,

This is a extremely simple project that kids can do and great tool for learning on "how to read time"

I know there are digital clocks, which is extremely easy to read..

But I am old school and wanted my son to make one...

This takes about 10 to 15 minutes and helps kids build some diy skills...

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Cardboard
- paper plates for younger kids
- Sketch pens
- paper pin,
- Scissors
- cutter
- paper tape

One can use decorative materials as well

Step 2: Clock

Draw a circle on cardboard and ask your kids to cut it along the lines.

Draw a crown and get to cut too..

Mark 12 equidistant points as shown and ask the kids to write numbers 1 to 12, draw eyes, nose and mouth

One can leave it to kids imagination to decorate as they like...

Younger kids who cannot cut, can use a paper plate

Step 3: Hands

Now measure a popsicle stick for the hour and minute hands..

Cut then and make small hole using a paper pin.

Note that the popsicle stick can split.. try again... or use use think strips of cardboard

Colour the hands and fix it at the center as shown

Step 4: Play Time

Set a time and play quiz ...
Enjoy time together

I extended with other kids in my apartment and they enjoyed...



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