Cardboard Cuttings Upcycling --> New Material for Your Projects

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My original I'ble has been lost so I try to gather my thoughts back to make it short but efficient:

What you will need:

  • cardboard cuttings
  • 2 sheets of good standing cardboard
  • glue (i use White or wood glue)
  • jigsaw

Let's build it

  1. Gather all cardboard cuttings you may have
  2. Glue all cutting on one of the sheets to make layers one on top of each other
  3. Once you have reach the appropriate thickness or once you run out of cuttings, glue the second sheet on the top
  4. Let's cure under some weight
  5. Take you jigsaw and cut your assembly to desired dimensions
  6. You're done!

I have used this techniques in this I'ble

some hints:

  • to obtain a good finish in your final object, use an appropriate blade
  • if you want smooth sides, fill the corrugations with gap filler and sand lightly
  • to mask little dents or imperfections you can glue colored light paper or even newspapers paper
  • paint only suffers a perfect surface
  • cardboard has 2 faces, one smoother than the other so take care to face this one outside. Often this is the one with logos and advertising.

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