Cardboard Furniture

Introduction: Cardboard Furniture

Have you ever moved and had a ton of cardboard left over? Did you ever think that throwing away your carboard would have an effect on our enviorment? Have you ever realized that cardboard can be recycled? Well we have a solution for you that is simple and fun. CARDBOARD FURNITURE!!!!
Yes that is correct,  we said cardboard furniture, an easy way to do your part to help the enviorment and  get artsy in your home. Cardboard furniture is a way to improve your home without spending the big bucks, that we know, not everyone has. This will help you decorate your house with amazing cardboard chairs, tables, picture frames and more.
This is not only a great way to improve your home but also you will be improving the enviorment. Did you know that almost 90% of our trash ends up in the ocean? Well you can lower this number by reusing cardboard in your home. Most people fail to properly recycle their trash, so instead of harming our oceans, try to reuse common items in your home, and a great place to start is with cardboard.
Some might argue that cardboard is not sturdy and could be tacky, but thats not the case at all, cardboard can support any type of person just as long as you instruct your furniture right.
So lets get started on the new trend of cardboard furniture.

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Step 1:

Instuctables are easy to make, only a few simple tools are needed to create your master piece.
- Box Cutter/ Good Scissors
- Cardboard ( anykind is fine, but thick cardboard is preffered)
- Ruler
- Dark colored Marker or pen ( For marking the cardboard)
- Super Glue ( not required, but can be used when needed)
- Paint( also not required, but can be used for decoration)
- Imagination :)

Step 2:

Time to get started, unfold your box so it is completely flat

Step 3:

Start to trace the shape of what ever kind of furniture you want, there are many different ways you can go with this so be creative. I chose a simple chair that would be easy to cut out and design. Makes sure to have straight and matching measurements, draw according to scale. This may differ for people because you are making your own unique furniture. Have fun with it, create interesting furniture that fits your home.

Step 4:

Cut out all your pieces and make sure that you put slits in your carboard in order to attach the pieces, but dont go all the way through. If your using glue, it still helps to make the slits, just apply the glue to the areas of intersection.

Step 5:

Finally, put the pieces in the supporting places, glue if necessary, and make sure to be careful so you do not mess anything up. Once everything is done, try out your furniture and see how it looks. I'm sure if you followed these five easy steps then your furniture will be perfect and ready to be added into your home.

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