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Introduction: Cardboard Guitar

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Hi would you like to build your very own cardboard guitar out of office supplies? Well here are some simple steps that will take probably an hour tops. Hope you will like it!

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Step 1: Start Constructing

Start drawing the layout on three to four pieces of large cardboard. Cut out the shapes. Then take a pencil or pen (which ever you prefer) cut or break it in half. Make 4 ridges into your writing utensil, take your hot glue gun, glue all the pieces together then make cuts at the top of the guitar pieces and put the rubber bands glued into the utensil. There is your guitar! Have fun!

Step 2: Get Your Layout.

I recommend going to www.makeit-love
Would you like to make your own cardboard guitar(s)?
You will need....

-drill bit
-cardboard (obviously)
-utility knife
-access to the internet
-strings or rubber bands
-paper clips

Step 3: After Cutting Shapes Out.

Start using a hot glue gun to glue the first two pieces together. Don't glue the third one down because that's what we will need later in our project.

Step 4: Pencil and Cutting

Take One Pencil And Take Your Utility Knife To Cut It 2 3/4 Inch Line And Put It One Inch Below The Hole You Cut Like The Picture Shown. Make sure when you cut below the hole that it is a dented crease. Take your pencil and glue on the line you traced out on guitar and press hard until it is firm enough to attach strings.

Step 5: Drilling and Finishing Up

Take your drill bit and drill and drill in those pencil holes so that you can pull the rubber bands or strings down into the guitar. Take your knife and edge out dents in the glued down pencil. Then knot some rubber bands or strings like this. After you glue all of it together fit like a piece of wood or something for any support your cardboard might need! Hope you guys enjoyed! I will try to do more stuff.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    A bigger resonating chamber would be good. This is pretty epic, though!


    5 years ago

    Thanks @alphawane I am working on a new project and any ideas anyone else might have. I am going to try to do what you did. Thanks


    5 years ago on Introduction

    you should instead of using a flat piece of cardboard used a small box with a hle cut in it. other than that it was awesome! :D :)