Cardboard IPad Case - With Zotebook




I needed some iPad covers for a classroom set of iPads to be used with a laser cutter.

iPad covers are not cheap and I realized we could make some tough covers that could stand up to the kids with recycled cardboard.

Zotebook was the right app to design the cover. Quick and easy to try a few prototypes and bingo - iPads covers for the whole group.

Step 1: Things You Need

Laser cutter

iPad with Zotebook installed





Step 2: Check How Thick Your Cardboard Is.

The middle pieces should line up with the thickness of the iPad.

Depending on the cardboard, use 1, 2, or 3 layers.

This example will use 2 layers in the middle.

Step 3: Measure Your IPad and Look for Buttons

Use a ruler to measure your iPad.

This one is 24 cm by 17.

Check out where the buttons and connections are.

Step 4: Decide on the Measurements for Your IPad

The cover will have 3 layers.

For this cardboard the middle layer will be two of the middle sections glued together.

Add cm all around to the outer dimensions so the iPad will have a one cm buffer around it.

In this case, the back will be 26 x 19.

The middle piece with have the inside dimension of the iPad 27 x 17.

And the top will be 26 x 19 on the outside, and 20.5 x 15.5 inside so the center is big enough to see the screen but small enough to hold the iPad in place.

Step 5: Create Your Design in Zotebook

Get the Zotebook app, then transform your quick sketch into Zotebook with a few easy steps.

Check out

You can customize features or designs as you want.

Step 6: Add Some Fun Stuff.

Cut outs look great on the back.

Customize it for fun!

Step 7: Cut and Assemble the Pieces

Use some of the left over cut outs to check the spacing while the glue is wet. Don't use your iPad!

Step 8: Glue the Cover On

When dry, carefully glue the cover on.

Do not glue iPad to the cardboard!

If you need to get it out, it's easy to rip the cover off and make a new one.

Step 9: Or Attach the Cover With Blue Tape for Easy Access.

Step 10: A Few Notes About the Process.

I made 3 versions before I finally came up with this one.

In the first version I forgot to leave any gaps in the middle layer for cords and buttons.

I also missed where the hole for the button should go on the cover.

It was easy to adjust with the cardboard.

So for the 2nd prototype I tried a new arc of the on button and fixed the middle layer.

But I still didn't realize I had covered the light sensor and would need another notch on the cover piece.

For the final design I wanted to use the curve tool in Zotebook for a fun look. And add some words and flare to the back.



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