Cardboard Rubberband Car

Introduction: Cardboard Rubberband Car

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Cardboard is a versatile material. Rubberband is a versatile material as well. combine them and you get something even better.

In this instructable i will show how to make a simple rubberband powered car using cardboard.

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Step 1: 1. Materials

You will need the following materials:
1- Cardboard.
2- Scissors.
3- Toothpicks.
4- Rubberband.
5- Small tubes( like used ball pen refills).
6- Pencil and ruler.
7- Hot glue or any other glue.

Step 2: 2. the Axles

Take a toothpick and chop off the ends to make the axles. Make two such axles.

Step 3: 3. the Axle Carriers

Cut the refills into 1cm long pieces.
Make four such pieces.

Step 4: 4. the Body

Start by drawing a rectangle on the cardboard. Note that the width of the rectangle is slightly less than the length of the axles. Cut out the rectangle. Mark a square notch on one side( this will be the rear end). Mark two small notches on the other side( this will be the front end). Cut out the notches.

Step 5: 5. the Wheels

Use a bottle cap to draw the wheels on cardboard. After drawing them, mark the centre of the wheels by eye estimation. Cut out the wheels and make a hole at the centre of each wheel.

Step 6: 6. Assembly

At first take one axle and tie the rubberband to it as shown. Tighten the knot and put glue on the knot so that the knot is firmly attached to the axle. Now place two refill pieces on the axle and then glue it to the rear end of the body. Make sure that the axle can turn freely.

Take the other axle, put two refill pieces on it and glue it to the front end of the body. Again make sure that the axle turns freely.

Now put on the wheels. Put the ends of the axle into the hole of the wheel. Secure it using glue.

Finally take the free end of the rubberband and hook it on the two notches at the front. Secure it using glue.......and its done.

Step 7: 7. Launching

Turn the wheels backwards. The rubberband will coil around the axle. As the rubberband coils potential energy is stored in it.
Now place the car on the ground holding the wheels and release it. As soon as you release it, the stored potential energy is converted into kinetic energy whick moves the car forward.

Step 8: 8. Modifications

You can modify this car to increase its performance.

To increase power, use stronger rubberband or use more than one rubberbands. Also make the body stronger by attaching another layer or cardboard.

To increase distance, use a longer rubberband and also make the car longer to fit the rubberband properly.

So make some cars, race them and have fun.

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