Cardboard Open-toed Sandals




This is an instructables that is very easy to make. First, you need scissors, marker, string, and cardboard. Second, cut out the shape of your sandal, mark the holes on them and put holes in them. Third, use some string(length depends on your feet) and put them through the two holes near the bottom and tie a knot. Fourth, put the two other ends into the one hole on top and tie a big knot with the two strings. Fifth, just cut off the excess string.

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    Really fun to make, took me like ten minutes to make. I made a slight variation, I made two holes at the top of the sandal to create a smaller loop around my middle toe.

    Some tips:

    I would suggest you use a hot glue gun and draw some wavey patters at the bottom of the sole to prevent any slipping (the cardboard can be quite slippery if you're walking on tile flooring).

    If you come across any flat pieces styrofoam, cut two pieces out the same shape as the sandals and glue them on top before making any of the holes (this creates a kind of cushion for your feet, because cardboard isn't to nice on your feet).