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Introduction: Carrot Bonsai

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Carrot Bonsai (萝卜盆栽) is one of the mini Vege Bonsai. Vege Bonsai can make with vegetables and others with hydroponic method.

Hydroponic vegetables are one of the best applications of hydroponic gardening. Did you know that you can replant your cut carrot tops? What will you grow is flowers and seeds. Wheares, it won't grow another carrot.

You don’t have to get out and dig in the dirt or even have a yard to grow it. You also don’t need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment. What you need is carrot, water and a tiny space which expose to sun. Surprisingly easy to grow!

Step 1: The Top of a Carrot Is Cut Off.

a. Carrot tops have been cut off from a mature plant.
b. They are about 1cm of the orange carrot roots.
(For better result, about 1 inch of the stems and leaves left on.)

Step 2: Put in Water and Left to Grow.

a. The carrots are then placed into a small amount of water.
b. Place the plate in a warm, sunny location in your yard or on your deck or patio.

Step 3: Change Water Everyday.

a. It had started to sprout little anemic shoots from the tops.
b. The growth of new roots out of the orange carrot root itself.

Step 4: Grow the Sprout of Carrot.

a. The most obvious growth is with the stems and leaves.
b. As they grow up tall and more leaves are produced.

Step 5: Note.

To prevent the root from being rotten as shown, the water needs to be changed daily.

A simple hydroponic lets you harvest a nice little bit of green.
Give it a try! :)



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    Thanks, no knew that the key was changing the water every day, my portion of carrot has leaves, but before it leaves the root rots.

    I guess you're saying the (hydrogel)crystal soil. I'm not very sure if work. That's a pretty good idea, let us know the results ya! :)

    Ok, I will let you know, we are going to be hit by a BLIZZARD ANY MINUTE.
    Thank you for your good wishes


    This would be great for anybody who likes to juice, actually. More greens for the juicer. People could also figure out dishes which the greens could be useful in. Funny, I remember doing this in elementary school & haven't seen it again til now....makes me think about growing garlic flowers & other easy things inside, which are great in raw salads.

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    I'm a little confused about the end product. Do you replant the sprouted tops to get more carrots, or is there a way to eat the new green growth? You mentioned that this is a cost saving hobby, but I'm not sure how it is used (aside from looking cool!)

    1 reply

    Hihi.. It won't grow another carrot. :P
    The leaves of carrot are considered edible, but in my case I just replant it as pretty houseplant. This is one of the easiest plants for a young gardener to grow, so save the cost for those expensive equipments, soil and fertilizer. Lol~

    this can be done with lettuce too! I wonder how many other vegetables we can do this with?

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    3 years ago

    epic, would have never thought about it

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    yeah...keep our carrot tops from now on~ haha

    Awesome! Do you know if you can do it with celery as well?

    1 reply

    Wow.. I just realised it could be replant the root end of celery! Thanks for you info~