Carving a Funkin




Introduction: Carving a Funkin

For this project I used a Funkin brand Zepkin.

I used images from several different sources online and placed them to my personal liking on the funkin. For the carving I used a variety of tools. An X-acto handle with a #15 keyhole saw blade and my Dremel 4000 with a flex shaft. I have a Dremel 4486 chuck on my flex shaft for ease of changing bits…of which I have quite a few.

I use blue painter’s masking tape to secure the patterns to my funkin. Once I was happy with the placement of all the various pieces I started doing all the cut out area first using my X-acto keyhole saw. Working from smallest pieces in the center to larger sections outward. I like to leave as many of the pieces in place for stability…I will remove them all later, when all of the carving is done.

Next it was time to work on shading. Using a variety of different bits depending upon where on the kin I was working. Again working from smallest to larger areas. I start by outlining the areas to be shaded with a smaller bit and move to removing larger areas with a larger bit.

I have a light nearby to place inside the kin to check how well it glows and if I need to dig deeper into the kin to allow more light thru. Once I am satisfied with the look it is time to remove the pattern as well as any remaining cut out pieces.

The last step I go thru is my clean up process. I use an old toothbrush to brush away any paint chips or flakes still stuck on the kin. I will use pencil files to straighten out any lines or angles that I don’t like and also to sharpen any rounded points to a sharp point. Lastly I will use my compressor to blow off any dust and remaining debris.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of how to carve your own Funkin.

Step 1:

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    3 years ago

    Very good info... and your finished pumpkin looks so good!

    I'm so sick of carving and throwing away real pumpkins every year. This really is the way to go!