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Isela aka Purling Sprite, loves to knit and loom knit. She is the author of the book Loom Knittin...

Intro: Casting on a Knitting Loom

There are various methods to cast on a knitting loom, the method shown here is the Crochet Cast on. The Crochet Cast on provides a nice, non-loopy edge that works well for most of the loom knitted items: like socks, scarves, blankets--or any other item that has the first row showing.

If you are knitting a hat that doesn't have a brim/cuff, this would be an option to the e-wrap cast on method.

Items needed:

Knitting tool
Knitting loom

Step 1: Forming a Slip Knot

With your working yarn, form a small circle--the short tail of the working yarn should be at the top.

Step 2: Move the Circle Over

Grab the circle and move it on top of the yarn that is coming from the ball of yarn.

Step 3: Pull the Working Yarn Through

Insert your fingers inside the circle and grab the yarn coming from the ball of yarn.

Step 4: Pull on the Yarn Tails

Holding to the circle/loop formed in step 3, pull gently on the two ends of the yarn--the beginning tail and that coming from the yarn ball.

Step 5: Starting Your Cast On

Place slip knot on the first peg on the knitting loom.

Step 6: Insert Crochet Hook Through Slip Knot

With crochet hook in hand, insert it through the slip knot on the first peg.

Step 7: Form the First Chain

Hook the working yarn with crochet hook thus forming a small loop.

Step 8: Place Loop on Next Peg

Place the loop on the next adjacent empty peg. To the left if knitting clockwise. To the right if knitting counterclockwise. Be sure to keep the working yarn towards the center of the knitting loom.

Step 9: Continue Down the Knitting Loom

Following the Steps 6-8, continue down the knitting loom casting on the needed number of stitches.

Step 10: How It Looks

You knitting loom should have 1 loop on each peg and working yarn should be on the inside of the knitting loom.

Step 11: When Casting on for a Flat Panel

Place the loop on the crochet hook on the last peg needed for the flat panel.

Step 12: When Knitting in the Round:

When knitting in the round: place the loop from the crochet hook on the first peg. First peg will have two loops, all the other pegs should have 1. When you start knitting, treat the two loops on peg 1 as one loop.

Knitting loom is threaded and ready to be worked.

Step 13: Items You Can Make on a Knitting Loom:

Although the knitting loom is round, you can knit almost anything on it, from scarves, hats, bags, and even sweaters!

You have just viewed: Crochet Cast on.

Coming soon:Knit Stitch | Purl Stitch | Twisted Knit Stitch Instructables



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43 Discussions


7 years ago on Introduction

Use a latch hook instead,if you want to. Its much faster once you get the hang of it. Once, I made an anime cat ears hat! It was adorable!!


8 years ago on Introduction

I have learned the knit and purl stitches on the loom and am wondering if it is possible to convert regular knit patterns into loom patterns? Can you provide some direction or instructable on this?

I love knitting with needles and crochet. It is another skill I love doing! You can do almost everything with the loom you can with the needles. Baby things, blankets, socks, hats of all shapes and style the list goes on and on. This is one of the best ways to start your loom knitting. Give the loom a chance and enjoy! Make yourself happy doing what you love doing! It is fast and portable. BTW... I haven't ever had my loom taken away from me when I fly. Bottom line, It is a fun craft. Great Job PurlingSprite!


8 years ago on Step 3

An easier way of doing this is to take the tail of the yarn and wrap it around your finger twice. Take the bottom loop on your finger and pull it over the top loop. Grab the now bottom loop (was the top) and pull it up and over your finger making sure the now top loop (that was the bottom) stays on your finger. Pull the string tight and slip off your finger. You now have the perfect slip-knot.


8 years ago on Introduction

you can do it so much simpler........ maybe I'll make an instructable


8 years ago on Introduction

I made one of these when I was a kid out of a bicycle wheel and bent spokes. It made really fine constricting tubular nets. We used them for lobster pot entrances. Held open with wood hoops, the lobsters could get in but not out.


8 years ago on Introduction

I recall a knitting machine sold as a toy when I was a child that worked similarly to this.  You just wove the yarn around the posts, and some hooks moved back and forth on them to create rows of knitted wool as you turned a crank.


9 years ago on Introduction

I'm starting my first project. I am using a round loom and have made some progress toward I guess what would be a tubular scarf? Sort of like rigatoni, with a hole in it? Is it possible to cut it in half later on so it will be twice as long or would that cause it to unravel? Also, I dont understand what it means to crotchet the end. Do I just pass each single stick over the peg next to it? Yikes! :-)


10 years ago on Introduction

im curious as to how you would make a hat for this. how does it come together at the top? anyway... good instructable. very clear...even i get it!

2 replies

once you get the project to hat length, you cut yourself a long tail, then thread it through the needle that comes with the loom (all the looms I've ever seen come with a hook for making things and a large plastic needle for finishing things). Then you go around the loom, slipping each stitch off it's peg and onto the tail and basically just cinch the hat closed at the top, the weave in a bit of the end and tie it up. Loom knitting is really quick an easy. I totally recommend it.

oh well i JUST made a hat like an hour ago,and all I did was do a square knot at the top and put and cut off the ends.Also,you could turn it inside out so that the knot does NOT show


10 years ago on Introduction

how do you bind off in mid piece though I just don't understand the term and can't find the answer anywhere thank you


10 years ago on Introduction

This is a great this love this product product you can you use it anywhere and I love it. Can Anybody send me insctutions on how to to make an easy scarf and fun projects maybe for single cohret that are not to hard and give me some locations that have low priced or braiagin yarn.


10 years ago on Introduction

I made one of those but in a much easier way, I also used the hook that came with it and used a shade of yarn like the one in the first picture I made a hat


10 years ago on Introduction

I've tried the rest and use the best. Isela's Crochet Cast-On method is the ONLY cast-on method I use for my round looms.

1 reply

Awesome job, as usual! Everyone...Just so you know: you can knit flat pieces on the round looms as well! It doesn't have to be round. :)