Cat Poop Fudge




So if you are looking for a way to gross people out on Friday the 13th or on Halloween, here ya go.  Cat Poop Fudge.

Also, check out Jessyratfink'sCat Hair Cake.

With this combo of treats, you are sure to be the hit of any party.

Step 1: Items Needed

Items you will need

1. Ingredients for making your favorite fudge candy.  There are so many ways to make fudge and there are so many recipes online, I'm not going to cover it here.  I used the recipe that came on the jar of Fluff.  I was lucky here.  The only thing I had to buy was the condensed milk.  But if you have to buy everything, it can should be under $10.

2. A NEW litter box and litter scoop.  <--Note I emphasized *NEW*, as in never before been used. $3

3. Simulated litter.  There are many cereals you can use.  Grape Nuts work great, but are pretty expensive for something like this.  If you really want to have fun, use a real cat litter called "Swheat Scoop".  It is real wheat pulled off the same lines that go into making animal feed.  It's safe for people to eat.  I've actually met reps from there company and watched them eat it right out of the bag.  The crispy rice I used was $5.

4. A poop making tool.  I used a product called the "Jerky Master".  It comes with different tips used for making meat sticks.(  I already had this because I make beef jerky.  It cost about $40.  There may be cheaper products. You can probably use a cake icing bag and round icing tip.  Use whatever you can to make the fudge into little round piles.

Step 2: Put Fudge Onto Cookie Sheet And/or Litter Box.

Prepare your fudge according to the recipe you are using.

This is the difficult part.  There is only a few, ok maybe 6-7 minutes from the time the fudge is firm enough to make into piles and hold its form and not so hard that it can't be formed without cracking.

Once you prepare your fudge and you get to the step where you should pour it in to a buttered baking pan, it's time to deviate from the rest of the fudge recipe.

For 4-5 minutes continue stirring the fudge, with the burner turned off.  The time may vary, but you want to wait until it starts to stiffen.  It will still be hot to the touch.  If you can take a spoon and place a dollop on the cookie sheet, and it stays well formed, you are ready.

Place the fudge in to whatever tool you are using.  For me, I had to use a large spoon to scoop the fudge and put it in to the tube of the jerky master.

Once you have the fudge in the tool, make little piles on a buttered cookie sheet..  Make sure the sheet is covered thoroughly.  I missed some places and when I went to remove the fudge it was stuck and broke apart.

You can also make some piles directly in to the litter for the added effect of getting litter stuck in the fudge.  

I ran out of room in the litter box, so I scooped some out and put it on the cookie sheet.

Step 3: All Done.

Now it's time to gross out your family, friends and coworkers.

Some variations you can do are.
1. Use a wire brush to scuff up the litter box so it looks used.
2. Add some coconut to the fudge right when you go to make the piles.  If you have ever had a cat with worms you will recognize this effect.
3. Make the piles when the fudge is a bit too running so it looks like "messy poop".
4. Make some cereal balls and make them look like clumps of litter, as in what happens when a cat pees in the box.



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    30 Discussions


    11 months ago on Step 1

    This looks great! I’m involved in cat rescue and you’ve just given me a fundraising idea!


    11 months ago

    Made this for a party last weekend. I made the "poops" more realistic as in less structured. Also, I added cocoa crispies to darken the "litter". Real litter isn't that light. Had some left and will make it into rice crispy treats.


    1 year ago

    Cat poop sounds gross, but fudge sounds yummy!


    2 years ago

    I did something like that some time back -- the base was a white cake died with green food coloring, broken into small crumbles to resemble sand, and the "droppings" were mini Tootsie Rolls that I warmed in the microwave and formed into realistic shapes ... then after "presenting it" to the group, proceeded to pick up a "dropping" and eating it ... really grossed them out!!

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Mmm mmm gross.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It was looked the similiar way, but your instructions are way better


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I made this a a litter box cake 15 years ago

    the kids loved the cake

    Phoenix Flare

    4 years ago

    Yummy!!!!!!! I love strange food-even poop! A great gift for my Mother's birthday.....


    4 years ago

    Lol I tried and no one would eat ti


    6 years ago on Step 3

    OK... The coconut & worms just about made me sick --sounds wonderfully gross!! ;)

    LOL eawwww that is just too nasty to look at but I'm sure its pretty tasty. Reminds me too much of the lovely presents I find in my kitty's litter box.

    None the less this is a great and probably tasty prank and it does the job.

    But to confess, I did something similar as well. I made a fake cat turd out of some fudge and placed it in the corner of our basement. Then I waited for some one to discover it and freak out. I then came down, picked it up and pretended to take a bite. I enjoyed the reaction and I was surprised it would actually work since there was no realistic smell. LOL