Cat Tree by Frosta X




About: I live in Taiwan, English is poor. I have to use Google translate to writing. I have three cats and an old dog. They are my inspiration.

I have cats from February 2014. In the year I have been adopt three stray cats.

Inspired by Frosta X :

stuff : 5 Frostas

tool:Drill, 3M double-sided tape, silicone, screws (for wood), wood glue,paper tape,

can help you sawing wood friends

Step 1: ​Arrange the Patterns

Arrange the most beautiful patterns on the floor. It is easier to arrange springboards. You can always modify until satisfied.

Note to comply with the size of the wall.

I measured the size of the walls. Then use tiles forecast the range of cat tree.

Step 2: Stick Together

Sticking together one day use Wood glue and clamp.

The next day using an electric drill and screws to make work more solid.

Work is divided into several parts in combination.

Step 3: Paper Tape on the Wall

Because the work is heavy, then you want to use silicon to stick to the wall.

Draw the cat tree with a pencil and then put the paper tape outline in the wall.

If silicon extruded out of range, release the paper tape can have a pretty face.

Step 4: Just Double-sided Tape and Silicone

I just used double-sided tape and silicone fixed to the wall.

The next day it does not fall off.

Step 5: Next Day

Step 6: Happy Cats



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    1 year ago

    I'm planning to make this with 3 Frosta stools (6 platforms) and mounting it to studs in the wall with brackets. Should only cost around $50 which is half as expensive than most cat trees and they're typically ugly and bulky. I'm looking forward to the low profile and minimalistic look of this cat tree, and I plan on adding green IKEA rug to the platforms for better grip (but in a way that still highlights the birch wood).


    2 years ago

    looks very nice however I would be concerned about this being stable since it's not anchored to the wall apparently? At the other page it says they used silicone and tape- that isn't safe. Also there is no accurate description of what actual materials are used and where to buy them? Where are the curved pieces of wood from? Ikea?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    As awesome and amazing as this is it is not a Pallet based project. It is an IKEA hack.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, but it is not made out of pallets, it is made from Frosta X stools from IKEA. That is the issue I have with this, because it is the wrong categorized.
    Amazing idea, but not made of pallets.


    3 years ago



    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Good question! At first I did not believe that 3M and Silicon can supports wood when my friend told me. If you want to make, remeber that Silicon can not cover 3M.

    Because silicone can produce as sucker-like effect closed. This is my first woodworking. Perfect than I expected.

    I live in Taiwan. My English is poor. I used google translation to answer.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really nice!

    It kinda makes me want to get some cats, just so I can build something like this! :)

    1 reply