Caution Cone (Door Hanger/Table Top Sign)


Introduction: Caution Cone (Door Hanger/Table Top Sign)

1. Download the Print PDF.
2. Print on A4 sized yellow card paper.
3. Cut along the dashed lines.
4. Apply glue on the grey areas.
5. Fold and stick.
6. Hang on door knob.
7. Remove the hook completely to use as a table-top sign.



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    Hey! Thanks.

    I created the artworks on Adobe Illustrator. Initially I was thinking of using a 3d software to model it for a 3d printer but I guess found a simple, cheap way to do it - Print, fold, stick.

    The picture below shows one of the prototypes. A beauty, nonetheless.


    Great design, may benefit from a layer of clear self adhesive plastic to protect it.,

    I am going to make one tomorrow.

    Have you thought of adding a flashing LED?

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    Yeah, I thought about laminating the paper after printing. Have to try it out, especially since it rains so much in UK. No on the LEDs, but great idea... I can imagine it looking really cool in the night. Probably one thats blinks?? If you're trying it out, do post pics and videos. Cheers.

    my parents will still not listen next you have to make a doorknob that zaps you when u touch it

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