Ceiling Fan Video Trick

Introduction: Ceiling Fan Video Trick

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This is a simple process for those wanting to capture a circular view of an object.

Warning: The centrifugal force can be quite high at the end of a ceiling fan blade. The mount I’m using is very secure – took a while for me to remove it. However, phones/cameras are expensive so use this at your own risk.

Step 1: Materials

  • Phone
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Phone Car Mount (iOttie Easy Flex Car Mount Holder shown)
  • Counter balance (clips, coins, etc.)

Step 2: Place Phone Holder / Phone on Outer Portion of One of the Blades

Step 3: Add Counter Balance to the Opposite Blades. I Used Coins and Clothes Pins.

Step 4: Process

  1. Set ceiling fan to lowest speed
  2. Turn video on
  3. Switch fan on and off quickly
  4. Repeat switching process until the proper speed is obtained

Step 5: Sample Footage

Step 6: Panoramic Version

Here is another simple idea for filming in circular motion


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