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Introduction: Celtic Button Knot

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This video will show how to tie a Celtic Button Knot, using a length of paracord for the demonstration. The 'Celtic Button Knot' looks similar to the 'Lanyard Knot', but is tied along a single strand of cord instead of using two strands. They can be useful as decorative stopper/terminal knots. This knot is also found in 'The Ashley Book of Knots', knot #545.

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It's actually fairly flexible. When you look at it, it doesn't look flexible, but it moves really well.

Different gauges of wire are often used for jewelry making (braided/twisted/knotted/knitted). The thinner wire is usually more easily bent and worked where the thicker it gets may require tools to bend and twist it into shape.

Thank you so much

I needed some great knots to use for my handbags this Chinese and Celtic knots are the perfect things and the instructions are priceless!

I thiught i was going to have to find a knot tying Boy Scout

Thanks again

Llevo mucho tiempo intentando aprender a hacer estas bolas ¿nudos célticos? ¿cómo se esconden los extremos de los cordones? Gracias.

I made a pace counter using the doubling method (bigger beads makes it easier for gloved hands in winter) and with some leftover Halloween beads from my sons I made a bolo style tie.

doubled abok 545.jpg
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These are cool!!! ...but I'm having a hard time figuring out how you did the celtic knots and then attached them to the paracord. or did you do the knots on the paracord because it looks like they can slide. I'm new at this and appreciate your assistance. Thanks so much!

Thanks. They do slide and I was planning on posting how I do them. It's easier than you think. I'll post inside of a couple weeks.... with spring coming and planting 'round the corner I'd better get on it!

I think I might have figured it out...you made them first (the celtic knots) on something like a small round pole or similar device then you ran the paracord through it. Good luck with the planting. Thanks for the response.

Thank you!!! I was close but not that close in guessing to what you used. Thanks again for the help!!

Okay here's another question....sorry! What if you don't want them to slide...How do you make them stay in place after you finish making them from the skewers? Thanks much!

Like 'not move at all' or snug enough to stay in place until slid by hand? You can transfer from stick to the cord and I use a pair of needle nose to get to how snug I like it. Good luck and let me know how it turned out.

Yes, like if you don't want them to move. I'm working on it tonight. Thank you for your patience!

Do you think this knot could be used to form a load bearing loop? I'm making Indian Bosals (horse tack) and need to figure out another way to form the loops where the reins hook into. I can't splice the rope into its self (I already know I'd screw that up) and I'm not 100% comfortable with whipping the rope into a loop, that and it takes me too much time to do, plus it just doesn't look nice.

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Thank you Stormdrane!! I finally mastered the knot. Thank you sooo much for keeping it as simple as possible!!