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Introduction: Center Stitched Paracord Bracelet

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This video shows how to add stitching to an already made paracord bracelet, using 1.4mm diameter cord with a lacing needle. I have a photo collage, in a blog post done several years ago, for tying the particular woven bracelet used for the stitching in the video, but other bracelet designs with horizontal cords down the center length can be used with this stitching technique. Knot Responsibly. :)



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I love these instructables. This hobby has really started taking off. Thank you very much. Is the Ashley book of knots worth purchasing for someone fairly new to knot tying? Is it easy to follow? I seen its kind of expensive book from what I can tell.

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I wouldn't recommend ABoK for a beginner or someone new to knot work unless they really intend to seriously explore what's possible. There is so much online to explore that you do not have to buy books unless you truly enjoy them. You can look through some of what is in the ABoK thru google book's preview. ;) Here's a link to copy and paste to your browser:

I am sure you have images on how to make that bracelet, I just don't want to spend hours hitting "older posts", lol. Can you give me a link, or the name of that particular weave?

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The 'blog post' link in the video description will take you to the particular post with the photo collage on that woven bracelet pattern.  Others call it 'In and Out' weave, Switchback Strap, Fishtail, etc.. but it's still a basic figure 8 pattern, working end(s) around core strands. ;)

Ah, I thought I deleted that comment, lol. I saw the link right after I asked the question, thanks though :) I am making one right now.

This is a great addition to paracord bracelets. If you end up in a survival situation, you can use the smaller string for traps and whatnot, and the paracord for more heavy duty tasks. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you again for your wonderful instructions. Brilliant work all round. now for a question I've noticed that this bracelet has a lovely 'flat' finish. I tried the same weave using a 7 string core and my knots are a little too rounded. Would I be better off gutting the cord? Or using a cord with less cores? Is there a trick to getting it 'flat'? Hope this makes sense.

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I find that with the traditional cobra paracord bracelets, they are usually a little round, but as I wear them they flatten out.

With a lot of core strands, they tend to want to bunch up and overlap, giving a thicker/round profile instead of flat. You just have to play around with different methods to find what will work for you.

Gutted cord would lessen the thickness, but tends to twist, so you may end up with just a smaller 'rounded' version.

Trying to keep the core strands side-by-side as you work around them with the working strands can be tricky tying in hand, as you tighten things up, they want to overlap and get out of order.

Some folks use jigs when tying paracord bracelets, and that might make things easier, but I don't use them, so I can't say whether they'd help or not...

So.... yeah... I live out in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest Hobby Lobby is about 45 miles away. I have some places to get 550 cord, but this smaller stuff and the lacing needle, where would one find those? We do venture to Hobby Lobby, on occassion, do they have them? Might you know of some places online?

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I get just as much out of a video instructable as I do one I have to look through a series of pictures. Seeing someone do it makes it easier to understand than trying to decipher photographs. Either way works. Video just seems to get the concept across quicker.

Im sorry I gave you a three star.
I hate video on instructables. IDK why.
A youtube link would be great for the optionality but yeah
it looks really cool though. Should be 4-4.5*