Change Your Car's Windshield - Mazda Demio 99




Introduction: Change Your Car's Windshield - Mazda Demio 99

 First you need a new windshield. Urethane, spatula, hammer, gasoline, some old fabric and a helper.  

1.- Remove the windshield wipers and the grill that covers the bottom of the windshield, you will see the 2 plastic bases where the windshield stands.  

2.- Remove the plastic surround side and top mouldings, do it gently since the plastic can be old, you're going to use it again.    

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Step 1: Glass Detachment

 Separate the glass from the urethane,  since the urethane is very strong, use a hammer and a spatula (this need to be done gently since you don't want to damage the paint)
This is where the helper is needed because he is going to tell you when to stop, when he sees the spatula blade out, he's also going to tell you where is not finished. 

Step 2: Take Out the Glass

 Since this windshield is laminated it won't brake in pieces, remove the glass and clean the old urethane with the spatula, do it gently. Use some gasoline to clean the surface. Watch for any imperfections.  

With a sharp knife remove the mirror and clean  the base with the same knife, you may need some sandpaper  and gasoline to clean it well.

Step 3: Mirror

Attach the old mirror on the black spot of the new windshield. Clean both surfaces well .   Use epoxy glue, it will take 10-20 minutes to dry. 

Clean the surface  with gasoline / Attach the plastic moulding . Use packing tape to help.

Step 4: Clean and Glue

 Using a pistol, glue the frame with urethane, use enough urethane so you won't have leaks 

Step 5: Done

 Place the windshield  beginning from the top, then make it rest on the 2 plastic chucks, let it dry for at least 4 hours before driving the car.   

Reattach the plastic grill and the washers.

Remove the tape 

Now you have a new windshield and you can tell your friends about it. 

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice instructable. thanks for posting it. ... I do see what some people have said about the dangers of installing the windshield incorrectly, and that is indeed something to keep in mind since in a wreck the windshield can easily affect the chance of living or dieing; but as long as you use the correct urethane adhesive and you pay attention to what you are doing I'm sure that this couldn't be any more dangerous than working on your own breaks. n' people do that all day long. I'd think your biggest worry would be jacking up the car's paint when removing the old adhesive.

    I was an auto glass specialist for over 10 years and this type of work takes lots of practice. One little mistake setting in the glass can be expensive and MESSY.

    My advice is leave it to the professional.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is NOT a job for an amateur today's cars need the WS installed correctly in order to keep you safe and or alive, I almost choacked seeing the hammer and chisel removal method. almost any auto parts store sells the correct cutout tool for about 20$ and once the molding are off it you can just the WS out in less than 10 min (for an amateur ). If I need to save a life i could rip the molding off with my bare hands and use a cold knife and have it out in less than 3 min, Much faster than the Fire Dept.
    you need to consider urethane OEM is best and strongest you could physically use Dap 33 or crazy glue but if you roll your car you may end up dead.
    Leave this job to the Pros, to get insurance jobs they HAVE to offer a lifetime warranty against defects in the glass and workmanship, if your buddy installs your WS with Elmers glue and it leaks and you get hurt , who can you blame, if a reputable glass co does it then you are much much better off. Even if you cannot afford new class buy a junk yard WS and have a Pro put it in,

    This could be a life or death mistake doing it yourself

    Looks simple enough. Pick n Pull wrecking yards are half price this weekend, so I think I'll try and find a good replacement for the cracked windshield in my 84 Tercel wagon. Thanks for the 'ible.