Changing the Blade on a Portable Band Saw

Introduction: Changing the Blade on a Portable Band Saw

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This Instructable aims to show you how to change the blade on a Milwaukee Portable Band Saw. Quite a useful skill to know if the blade has become worn or damaged.

Step one for any tool maintenance is to turn off the tool and unplug it from the power.

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Step 1: Remove Tension on the Blade

Start by turning the blade tension handle 180 degrees to release the spring tension on the blade. Image 1 shows it engaged (Blue Arrow). Image two shows it released (Green Arrow) Be careful there is a spring and the handle may snap to the end position.

This will loosen the pulley allowing the blade to be worked off of the wheels and guides.

Step 2: Remove Blade From Wheels

Start by pulling the rear part of the blade (opposite the cutting area) out and off the pulleys. (Image 1)

Work the front of the blade out from between the guide rollers at the front and back of the cutting area. The blade should now be free of the tool. (Image 2)

Step 3: Clean the Saw

After you have removed the blade use rags, brushes vacuums etc to clean out the machine. you want to get all the chips off of the rubber wheels on the pulleys as well as clean up any buildup around the guide bearings.

Step 4: Install the New Blade

We will be reversing the removal procedure to install the new blade.

Start at the front of the tool near the cutting area and slot the blade between both sets of guide rollers. (one in front and one in back of the cutting area) As you do this make sure the blade falls in the gap between the Pulleys and the housing, you do not want it sitting on top of the pulley as that will make the next step difficult. (Image 1)

Using one hand to hold the blade seated in the guide bushings work the blade around the pulleys. (Image 2)

once the blade is on the pulleys push the blade back so the teeth are nearly inline with the front of the rubber wheels on the pulleys. (Image 3)

Turn the tension handle back 180 degrees to the locked position to re-tension the blade. (Image 4)

Step 5: Test and Cut

Plug the saw back in. Lower the saw to the horizontal position and with your safety glasses on gently squeeze the trigger until the blade has traveled a couple of rotations, the blade should be moving smoothly without any wobble or jumping.

You have now changed the blade on the Milwaukee Band Saw.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks, very well explained


    4 years ago on Step 5

    Nice instructable. Simple & to the point. You make it look easy. ;-)