Changing the Hard Drive on a MacBook

Introduction: Changing the Hard Drive on a MacBook

A demonstration of how to change the hard drive on your mac book.

If you havnt got a new hard drive yet what you need is a 2.5" SATA hard drive. Anyone will do, its worth knowing this as you will probably get charged more for one with 'MacBook' specificity in the title.

Step 1: Taking Out the Battery

The hard drive as well as the RAM memory are located behind the battery on your MacBook. Flip your baby over and use a penny to turn the lock, then take your battery out.

Step 2: Getting to It

There's not much to say here unscrew the three little screws and pull the L shaped bit of metal out.

Step 3: Taking the Hard Drive Out

See the white tab bit, extend it and yank the hard drive out.

Step 4: Putting the Hard Drive in

Unscrew the shiny metal with the plastic bit on screw it ontop of your new hard drive. Put in the new hard drive in and work backwards until your MacBook is compleate again.

Sorry for being sparing with the words but its fairly simple to do if you follow the pictures. Hope this was useful to someone :D



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    I split a ribbon cable changing my MacBook drive and now it won't start. My 13" Late 2006 model A1181 MacBook looks exactly like this one but for one small detail, this one has a cover over the ribbon cable where mine is exposed and is now partially split when I slipped out the drive.

    Can anyone tell me the part number or purpose of the ribbon cable so I can find a replacement? In the photo above under Step 3, the gray area in the lower left is a thin sheet of plastic with rounded corners and a 'lip' that extends out at a sharp right angle and that lip is not on my gray cover sheet, so the ribbon cable under it is exposed. Maybe this ribbon connects to the track pad which is directly above the covered area?

    Any suggestions for where i can buy a replacement part online in the US?


    MacBook ribbon cable split.jpgMacBook unprotected ribbon cable.jpg

    Hey, do you know where one could get a harddrive for a mac for cheap? That and ram and memory? Thanks.

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    Hi there, this was really interesting to see as i've always thort of apple laptops as some wot of an expensive forainge car (dont touch under the hood unless you work for alfa romeo)

    I need some help! My bluetooth icon on the top of the screen, (forgot the name of it) disappeared. I need it back, because the bluetooth was left on. I know this is a stupid question, but can someone please help me?

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    is this the macbook air? apple lied about it being the worlds thinnest laptop theres alot out there that are alot thinner

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    this is just a regular macbook, and i've already done this. just fyi, before anyone does this, you should keep your old one and put it in if you intend to use the applecare service warranty, as apple will not service a mac with 3rd party parts. doing this will not void the warranty at all, but just use caution. and apple thinks it has the world's thinnest laptop because it is extremely thin at it's thinnest point, the edges.

    Cool! I have a macbook and I've only changed ram in it. Very informative