Charge Any Phone Without Its Charger!




Introduction: Charge Any Phone Without Its Charger!

Step 1: What's Needed

What you need for this is a USB (broken or not , just make sure it's long enough), you will also need the phone you want to charge.Im using a samsung SGH-T809(old phone, didn't have its proprietary charger). The last thing you need is something to plug the USB into, I recommended a laptop but a wall outlet will work fine.

Step 2: Step 1

Now cut the USB in half so that you have the USB , you can throw the other half away. I used scissors because I didn't have a wire stripper. Your gonna wanna strip the red and black wires, the green and white wires are not gonna be used.

Step 3: Step 2

Depending on what phone your using , the battery pins may be different . For me they were push down pins. Now your gonna wanna take the wire (red and black) , Match the pins with the wires(red with positive and black with negative). Once you figured out where the belong, bend the wire (metal part) onto the wire (this is what I did because mine has push down pins). Now take the wire and try to slide it under the pin (there should be a little space under the pins).

Step 4: Step 3

Now put the battery in, it should be a little hard to put in since the pins have something under them. Once it's in the wires won't move at all (or atleast that's what happened for me).

Step 5: Step 4

Plug it into your USB port that has power and your phone should light up or do something to indicate power, mine doesn't so I have to press the power button. It should turn on and there you go , you have a makeshift charger!



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    22 Discussions

    MetroPCS zmaxPRO. Built in battery.. ... how do i charge this devise without the usb-c cable? Only provided with a regular android usb?

    What about a Alcatel onetouch, in which the battery cannot be removed? Please let me know... In really big need!

    2 replies

    drop the phone on the floor a few times and the battery will get out (i have an alcatel pixi)

    All batteries come out just take your unscrew your back and basically follow the instructions although it might be a lil different

    There's no such thing as a phone that you can't get to the battery. It's always accessible just depends on if it's worth the effort to get to it.
    It's also possible to use a different phone's battery, some wire, tape and a little ingenuity.

    yes i did thus wit a 3ds and it wurked good unitl my 3ds died on mee and i was happy not but its okay becasue i hate nintendo and the gamecube was trash in my trash im from the hood have a good day 8----------

    can you do this with a 3ds?

    What about a HTC desire 510 phone?

    Thank you it works, now I've got way to charge my phone since my miniUSB in phone is broken :)

    thank you so much! this helped me retrieve a lot of important information from one of my older phones!

    Cool thanks a lot it worked just fine. appreciate the tip!!!


    2 years ago

    Thank you so much!
    It doesn't show that my battery is charging but the percentile of battery left keeps increasing :D

    for iPhone (if you wanted to do this method) you will have to unscrew the 2 screws near the charger and pull the cover off

    i agree with gogoflips be careful when doing this sort of thing lithium batteries. especially lithium ion batteries i have vented and caused a few of my own to catch fire from over stressing them. Battery safety is very important. I have done this but would recommend that is you are going to do this do it for short periods and maintain a close watch check temp of the battery often if its getting warm disconnect it. Take care and be safe......

    not saying this will happen but it is possible.

    Lithium batteries operate never over about 4.2volts. USB chargers give 5 volts- so if the battery doesn't have a protection circuit, it'll explode.

    Does not work with any phone you can't access battery to. ie any iphone and most newer androids

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    Nice urban survival tip congrats