Cheap Betel Nut Tree (Areca Catechu Tree) Footwear




Introduction: Cheap Betel Nut Tree (Areca Catechu Tree) Footwear

This is the footwear with useless betel nut tree's leaf.This footwear can be use inside the house.This chappels are very soft. So that this is very comfortable and also painless.This is made from nature so this is very Eco friendly.Plastic is harm to nature ,but this will degrade in the soil .

Step 1: Take a Leaf of Betel Nut Tree

Step 2: Sketch Outline of the Footwear

Sketch the outline of the footwear in Betel nut tree's leaf

Step 3: Cut the Shape of the Footwear As We Drawn in the Picture

Step 4: Make Three Hole in Each Chappel

Step 5: Make Straps for Footwear

Make straps for footwear.For that also use the betel nut tree's leaf

Step 6: Put the Straps Ends in the Holes of Footwear

Put the straps ends in the holes of footwear. The straps should be sticking to the foot wear then only we can wear it properly.

Step 7: The Footwear Is Ready to Use

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    10 Discussions

    this is very useful, i made this footwear yesterday, this can use inside the house. This footwear can be made very quickly.

    2 replies

    Is it possible to make the footwear from the plates purchased in the market.

    Superb...WHat a Creative idea , Lucky to have u as a neighbour

    I voted for you, really like the use of an unused biological waste to create footwear. Good luck.

    I hope I remember to make a couple pair of these next time I am in Southeast Asia(next year).

    1 reply

    This very clever! A nice way to make quick house shoes.

    1 reply