Cheap & Cute PhotoFrame Without SD Card on ESP8266 + 1.8inch TFT

Introduction: Cheap & Cute PhotoFrame Without SD Card on ESP8266 + 1.8inch TFT

Digital photo frame are awesome thing to show photos of your family members, friends and your pets. I wanted to build a small, cheap and cute photo frame with the parts already in my hand. This frame use 1.8" Small TFT panel and ESP8266 wireless development environment in a 3D printed case.


1.8 TFT Panel ST7735

1.8 TFT Panel ST7735


3D Printed Case

Some Wires & Soldering Iron.

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Step 1: Parts

I've prepare parts and printed frame on my 3D Printer.

Model Download:

Step 2: Hardware Install

Solder and mount parts on 3D Printed case as shown above images.
1.8" (Actually 1.77") TFT Panel datasheet
Wemos D1 datasheet

Step 3: Convert Photo to "C" Array!

This photoframe uses internal flash of ESP8266 module. So you don't need any external SD Card. You may convert 128x160 pixel photo to C array with LCDimageConverter. ESP8266's 4MB flash memory is enough to store many photos. You can download software and convert C Array your photos.

LCDimageConverter download

Step 4: Software

You can sore your c array photos on photos.h file. Also need Adafruit GFX library and Adafruit ST7735 header file for this application.

Download example code

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