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Introduction: Cheap DIY Beauty Products

One day I realized that I was out of one of my favorite lip gloss colors. So, I decided to make my own lip gloss, and other products. These are very simple to make, and are also very cheap. I also found that I had all of the materials needed, at home. If you would like to learn how to make these fun and easy products, keep reading! Also, don't forget to vote for me;)

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FOUNDATION: (liquid)
Concealer (cheapest one I found is about $1.00)
Lotion -preferably non scented and safe for face (some hotels have them travel sized, but at the store they are about $0.50 at minimum)
Face sun screen- I prefer white, in a bottle (around $2.00 bucks minimum at pharmacies)
A bronzer that is a tone or two darker than your face -I found an old beat up one to use (usually anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 at minimum)
And a travel sized empty bottle ($0.25 minimum)

Eyeshadow -any color of your choice will work - I just used an old, broken one (pallets at about $1.50 minimum)
Vaseline or petroleum jelly (small container is about $1.75)
And a old card board jewelry container or mint box. -empty (These really don't have a price, they come with other items)

Eyeshadow -I prefer black or another dark color (price listed in lip gloss materials)
Vaseline or petroleum jelly( price also listed in lip gloss materials)
Coconut, tea tree or any other skin-safe essential oils (minimum range from $2.50 to $4.00)
And any type of small container. I applied the eyeliner with a VERY thin makeup brush.

Baby powder -skin/face safe (mine was 2.30)
Shower gel (I got mine at a hotel for free, and it was travel sized.)
Essential oils -I prefer coconut or tea tree because they are great for the skin, and smell SO good (Mine were both about a buck)
Any powder toner -I once again found a beet up one (around two bucks a pallet)
Baby oil- you don't have to use it, but it makes the skin very soft. ($1.00 was the price of mine)
And a old tin.
You probably already have most of these at home, but if you are missing some all of the products are cheap, do it would be easy to get new ones.

TOOLS: plastic knife, napkins or towels, small disposable cups, and a plate. Q tips optional.

Step 2: Liquid Foundation

Start off by squirting four drops of concealer into the container. Next add one squirt of lotion, and a dab of the sunscreen. After that, use your plastic knife to push almost all of the toner into the container. Lastly shake until even, and apply!

Step 3: Lip Gloss

Start off by getting your mint container or jewelry box out. Next, scrape some of your Vaseline or petroleum jelly into the mint and or jewelry container. Then scrape about 1/4 of the eyeshadow pallet into the mixture. Lastly, stir and apply!

Step 4: Eyeliner

Start off by getting your container ready by washing it out with water. Then scoop some Vaseline/petroleum jelly into it. Next, pour in the essential oils, and scrape the dark eyeshadow into the mixture. Lastly mix in the Vaseline/petroleum jelly and smooth out. Apply and enjoy!

Step 5: Scented Body Powder

Start off by cleaning out your tin. Next, pour in about five puffs of baby powder, and one drop of essential oil. Then, add in a drop of baby oil, and a squirt of body wash. Lastly, scrape in your toner, and apply! Enjoy!


Thank you! I hope you loved it, and please vote for me! Y'all are the best! Now you can use this make up for a while, for very little money! Thanks! Bye! Have fun using it!:)

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