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  • 3d printing is really a awesome process because you can make anything you wants to make just design it and printer it but when it comes to a 3d printer it is a quite expensive in this instructables I will show you how to make a 3d printer
  • So it's been a long time I wants to make a 3d printer I wants it to be cheap and compact and I went with cartesian type 3d printer I found it easy and simple to make and I don't have so many machines to build parts of it. So it is a completely hand made Diy 3d printer I try to make it a cheap as possible

Step 1: Gather All the Components and Electronics

  • I Choose MDF for frame construction because it is lighter and strong (6mm thick)
  • 8mm standard ss rods 2x400mm,4x300mm
  • 8mm linear bearing (LM8UU) 8pcs.
  • 4 nema 17 stepper motor 1.7amp 4.2kg-cm
  • Ramps 1.4 kit with Arduino mega
  • Heatbed mk2
  • Aluminum hotend v6
  • Gt2 belt 2meter 6mm
  • 2 ,20 tooth pulley
  • Nema 14 flexible coupling
  • Leadscrew 400mm
  • Mostly parte I bought for eBay
  • 2 100k thermistor
  • Smps power supply of a PC should be about 450w

Step 2: X Carriage

  • First cut two pieces of 8x8 cm pick one and drill hole in middle A/Q first picture.
  • Screw the stepper motor in it as shown in 2nd picture and tight the all 4 screws.
  • Now mount all 3 LM8UU bearings with brackets which I made with aluminum sheet.
  • Cut a U shape from one end to middle to make a way for gt2 pully A/Q to picture 6.
  • I make a two keyways in each piece to support the rods with 2 washers and 4 nuts and bolts.
  • These keyways should be parallal to each other and perpendicular to bearings in addition to avoid any mis aligment.
  • Drill all the holes in both pieces to gather so that these pieces should screw well in a perfectly Alignment.

Step 3: Y Carriage

  • Cut a piece of MDF of same dimensions of bed with 2mm allowance to each side.
  • Glue two pieces of margen parallal to each other to support the bearings .
  • Mount 3 linear bearing as in picture and screw them with aluminum brackets and bolts.
  • Than drill 4 holes at the corners and mount the bed with 4 springs to label the bed.
  • Add a glass of 2mm on the bed of same size.

Step 4: Z Carriage

  • Cut two pieces of MDF of 42x9 cm A/Q to picture 1st .
  • Than cut two square pieces of 9x9cm.
  • Cut two pieces of margen and screw them together one by one with screws A/Q to picture 5.
  • Drill two holes for the rods at a distance of 3.5 cm from one side on both pieces of 9x9 cm .
  • Distance between these two rods varies according to the distance of x carriage bearings.
  • Now screw another piece of 42x9 cm on another side and complete the tower.(picture 7).

Step 5: Building the Base and Structure for Y Carriage

  • Cut one piece of 30x34cm of same MDF for the base.
  • Cut three stpips of MDF of 4.5x30 (1 piece ),4.5x33.5(2 pieces).
  • Screw them with the help of screws.
  • Next is to mount a stepper motor for Y axis according to picture 4&5.
  • And add a bearing to support the gt2 belt as picture 6(I got this bearing from a old hard drive of a computer).
  • Now mount the bed and tighten the belt .
  • Next step is to screw the tower.

Step 6: Assembling the Another Components

  • Mount X carriage on tower by inserting the both rods on bearing.
  • Than mount the stepper with leadscrew and nut .
  • Mount the metal hotend with the help of two brackets .
  • Mount the another bearing to the another side of X carriage to support the belt and I screw the belt on the carriage.
  • Insert the hotend slide on X carriage.
  • I mount linear bearing with the help of zip ties .

Step 7: Mounting All the Electronics and Power Supply

  • Insert all the jumpera on ramps 1.4 to select micro stepping.
  • Insert all the a4988 stepper drivers on board with Arduino.
  • Mount the power supply with double sided tape and secure the cable with zip ties .
  • Now wire up all the components . It is open source so you found schematic and videos on internet .
  • I mount ramps board on side of tower with zip ties

Step 8: Testing and Trouble Shooting

  • Adjust the height of bed .
  • Calibrate the extruder and motors untill you get movement as per input .
  • I printed many things and I have to say that the quality of print is quite good as compared to price of printer
  • I printed these parts at the speed of 120mm /min and prints come out just fine .
  • So this is all about my printer it took me about 2 weeks to completely build it up.
  • So with this printer I will print the parts for my next hypercube .
  • I am done here if you like the instructables please like and Vote.
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    3 months ago

    For a long time I've been looking for a 3D printer project, but most are incomplete or difficult to execute (sometimes expensive). I like this project, but it is missing some critical information! Total cost, wiring diagram, how to calibrate and programming, etc.... if you have time, hope you can improove this tutorial! My search continues...

    2 replies

    3 months ago



    Question 3 months ago

    How much did the project cost in the end?

    2 answers

    Answer 3 months ago

    At the end its cost is about 183us$ or 12350 Indian rupees


    Reply 3 months ago

    for that price you will get a complete and perfect 3D printer (Ender) at Banggood


    Answer 3 months ago

    Physical size is about 34.4x30x400mm
    and build volume about 200x200x350mm