Cat Litter Bucket Hunting Seat

Introduction: Cat Litter Bucket Hunting Seat

I use these bucket seats when I'm either in the blind or if I'm still hunting during gun season. They also make great storage containers to toss your small stuff in when you get back to your vehicle. I to back pack them you just need to mount some simple straps to them.
Great cheap way to recycle kitty litter buckets and put them to use. The other thing is if they get lifted out of your blind it isn't a big $$ loss.

The paint job I start by using light gray primer and coat the bucket. Then I cut out  of cardboard some simple paint stencils and use drab green and brown over the gray primer.

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    I use the same type of bucket for a fishing seat/tackle box. I like the square buckets because they seem to hold & organize your stuff better than the round ones. I actually glued a foam pad to the lid on mine for more comfort and use Velcro strips to keep my boxes from bouncing around inside.