Cheap and Easy Hydroponic Herb Garden




Introduction: Cheap and Easy Hydroponic Herb Garden

Hydroponics are:

- easier than you think

- clean

- space saving

- the only way to have fresh produce year round.

With this Small DWC (deep water culture) you can have fresh herbs year round, plus there are lots of other things you can grow in it too.

Step 1: Tools Needed

1 - Cordless Drill

2 - 1/4" drill bit

3 - Utility Knife

4 - Dark Spray Paint

5 - 2" Hole Saw (Optional)

Step 2: Materials Needed

1 - Small Plastic Tote

2 - Nutrients

3 - Black Airline Tubing (about 3')

4 - 2" Net Pots (Qty 6)

5 - 1 Lrg Cup of Hydroton

6 - 1" Rockwool Cubes (Qty 6)

7 - 5-10 gal Air Pump

8 - Air Stone

9 - Air pump Check Valve

Step 3: Starting Your Seeds

Select You favorite Seeds, and start them in pre soaked Rockwool cubes.

- Soak Your Rockwool in 5.5 ph water for 1-24hrs

- Place Cubes in seed starter dome

- Add seeds

- Place In a warm Spot, like on top of fridge

- I usually wait for the plants to get their second set of leaves before moving them to the hydroponic system

Step 4: Cut Holes in Lid

- Layout Holes in lid ( I used the 2" holes saw to make a template out of cardboard)

- Carefully cut holes with utility knife or holes saw

Step 5: Paint

Paint outside of the container, and lid with a couple coats of dark paint to keep the light out.

Step 6: Hole for Tubing

Drill a 1/4" hole in the side of the container near the top for the airline tubing.

Step 7: Attach Airstone, Add Water, and Nutrients

- Cut 2 lengths of tubing (tubing that goes into the container has to be black otherwise you could get algae growth from light entering through clear tubing)

- 1st length place through hole in container, attach one end to the airstone (inside container), and the other to the check valve (pay attention to flow on valve).

- 2nd length attach one end to check valve, and other to the air pump

- Add ph balanced water according to your plants/nutrients, measure water so you know how to mix the nutrients (about 1/2" to almost touching the bottom of the net pots when lid is on)

- Mix nutrients according manufacturer, I usually go 1/2 strength for the first cycle with new plants

- Change Water every 2-3 weeks

Step 8: Add Plants

- Add Plants in Rockwool cubes to the 2" net Pots

- Fill remaining space of the net pots with Hydroton so no light can go inside the container (careful not to harm the plants)

Step 9: Place in Well Lit Area

Place Plants in Well lit Area

- window sill

- green house

- under lights

- outside

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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I made one of these but didn't paint the sides, tonnes of algae. I am doing something similar, not to grow in long term but as a propogator for cuttings. Same setup in general but instead of using my net cups, I just float a piece of craft styrofoam on the water, with pencil sized holes for the stem of my cuttings. It roots so fast and is amazing. I was able to plant an entire hedge of basil last year just from cuttings. Great instructible, good photos and simple explanation, and nice video. I might try mine again, this time giving it some paint, LOL


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh ya definitely paint it, and also go with the black tubing to prevent algae. Did you use any rooting hormones?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    No actually, I did not but only because I forgot to try. They rooted on their own in plain tap water. But I'm sure a spot of rooting hormone would hasten the process. Once I find my bottle, I'll give it a try and see if It goes faster.


    6 years ago



    6 years ago on Introduction

    I found the cheapest was the local pet shop for the air stone $2.50, air pump $8, tubing $5, and hydrotone from a hydroponic store $2 for a scoop. Also you could buy online


    6 years ago on Introduction

    where is the best place to buy air stone, hydrtone, air pump, tubing? I'd love to do this but not spend a lot of money. Evelyn