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Introduction: Cheaper Than COPPER - Bottle Tree

This is easy and cheap. I used a 7' tube of 2'' PVC and cut one end at a 45 degree angle to put in ground and left about 24" up to bury. Cap off other end. Take a string and spiral around the "trunk" making a mark every 3'' as you work your way around and down. You make them as close or further apart depending on the bottle size. Then I used 1/2'' cpvc to cut 16'' branches with a 45 degree at one end. Carefully using a 5/8 hole bit I guessed at  an angle to make holes on trunk for branches. I used a automotive glue, loading up the 45 degree end of each branch and then pushed them in until I "felt" the other side. Be sure to clean off all excess burs from openings and ends. Then I sealed the joint all the way around and let the glue dry for 24 hrs. Picked out a copper color spray paint and painted the entire unit. Until I can get some bottles ( various colors) the birds love it. Add bottles to branches. If branch is to long then cut with a PVC cutter.



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    Why would you want one? What is the use or function?

    So what the hell is it for?