Checking the Local IP Address of Your Linksys Router Router login – Setup wireless IP address

The IP address is one of the common IP addresses mainly used in the home-based broadband router. Actually, it is the default value of the many varieties of Net gear and D-link model routers. The great thing is allowing you to change the IP address using the network router management console at any specific period of time based on your needs.

This is a private network internet protocol address in which the home use router can use this specific address to set up the default gateway. In this router, you can have access to the management console via the web browser at

Even though, if your routers or any other computer of any brand has get some problem on the local network, you can use this private IPv4 address in order to solve it as easy as possible. Therefore, this is an only IP address used as a piece of equipment in order to prevent the address conflicts. In sometimes, people can’t get access to any brand of router, at that time you have to identify whether your computer’s gateway is

To get access to this specific network, you just open CMD and then type ipconfig/all or else you can use this command ping –t. In case, the gateway address is but you can’t display the login window, perhaps due to the network port is not specified properly.

How can you get access to

In order to get access the specific IP address, you can use the ping command, which is commonly used the disk operating system command. This command is actually used to identify whether the computer network is being connected and also its network speed is very fast or not. Even though, you can also use the ping command in the wireless router setup process for getting access to it.

All you need to do is to open “Run” and type CMD and then press OK. After that, you can enter the ping, if the results show the timeout; it means that the network is disconnected or losing packages. Simply, you can understand that your computer cannot be connected to the router. Some of the reasons for not accessing the IP address are given below,

· The router’s IP address is not set to or else you have mistaken it with the address as 192.168.o.1.

· If your router has been shutdown, you are unable to connect the network.

· It also requires setting up the ICMP packet filtering in the router as like firewall settings. Redirects to router login

Once you can receive some bytes, it illustrates that your network is being connected and able to connect you with the specific wireless router. The most important step is to type the address in your browser to try the network connection. However, the wireless router has becoming growing popularity among many people in these days because of the usage of laptop or mobile phones in order to connect the internet directly using Wi-Fi.



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