Cherry Kitchen Table

Introduction: Cherry Kitchen Table

About: Freelance mechanical engineer from the Bay Area.

Our kitchen table was getting old, and it only seated four. We had also just acquired a new table saw, so making a new kitchen table was the obvious thing to do. We used a traditional shaker styling with beveled edges and tapered legs, and our kitchen cabinets are cherry, so we decided to make the table to match. 

The table top is made out of four 2" thick cherry boards, and is big enough to seat six. The top is finished with polyurethane and the skirts and legs are finished with shellac. 

We started in october of 2010, and finished just in time to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal on our new table!

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    Phil B
    Phil B

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful job! I wish my projects looked half as good when finished.