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Introduction: Chocolate Fondue

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The first time I finally tried fondue was in 2013 when my husband (then boyfriend) and I went to Montreal for our then roommates' wedding. They had a simple ceremony at a Justice of the Peace and then we went out for dinner at a fondue restaurant in the old town part of Montreal. The whole meal was amazing. Since then we've gone to the Melting Pot a few times, which is great, but not the same. We've also done a lot of experimenting at home with cheese and chocolate fondues, which are both a lot easier than they sound.

This instructable provides several chocolate fondue recipes that can be made in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Basic Necessities

Fondue pot

Fondue forks

Tea light candles

The dessert fondue pot I'm using holds about 1 1/2 cups of fondue and is good for 2-4 people. The following recipes are written for about 2 people, but can be increased as needed.

The tea light candle is used to melt the chocolate and keep the fondue warm. I put in 2-3 tea lights depending on how much chocolate I'm melting and how quickly I want my fondue ready.

You can also prepare your chocolate fondue on the stove in a pot/double boiler and then transfer it to the fondue dish with the tea light to keep it warm. Make sure to stir frequently .

Step 2: Dippers

-Pretzels, bacon strips

-Cake pieces, brownies, cookies, Rice Krispy pieces,


-Dried fruit

-Fresh fruit (berries, bananas, pineapple, oranges etc.)

-French bread

Step 3: Nutella Fondue




Mix about 1/4-1/2 cup of Nutella (per person) with 2-3 tbs of cream and stir until combined.

Step 4: Chambord Fondue



-White or dark chocolate (mini chips or chopped)

Chambord is a raspberry liqueur that goes great with both white and dark chocolate fondues. I add 1 oz of Chambord for every 1/2 cup of chocolate. Add both to the fondue pot and stir often until melted and well combined.

Step 5: Amaretto Fondue


-Amaretto Liqueur

-Dark chocolate


Mix 1/2 cup of chopped chocolate and 2 tbs of cream together and stir until melted. Add 1oz of amaretto and stir again.

Step 6: Chocolate Covered Cherry Fondue


-Cherry liqueur

-Milk chocolate chips


Mix 1/2 cup of chocolate and 2 tbs of cream together in pot, stirring until melted. Add 1 oz of cherry liqueur and stir well.

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