Chocolate Pudding Cupcakes With Strawberry Centers (Sweetheart Cupcakes)




Introduction: Chocolate Pudding Cupcakes With Strawberry Centers (Sweetheart Cupcakes)

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I made these for my boys (and my daughter, too - can't leave anyone out!) and they were ALL GONE within 20 minutes of me putting them on the table. Super easy to make, super delicious, and super cute when you cut one in half! 


1 package cake mix, chocolate 
1 package strawberries, cleaned and hulled
1 package pudding, chocolate
Fresh mint sprigs,optional but awesome


1. Prepare cupcakes according to package and let cool. Using a paring knife, core out a well down into each cupcake, for your strawberry to fit into. Prepare your pudding according to the package. Let set until nice and pudding-y (solid - wet gloopy pudding will ruin the cupcakes, so don't be in a rush, let the pudding firm up!)

2. Stick the strawberry pointy side down into your cupcakes. Take the piece of the cupcake that you cut out, and place it on top of the strawberry, after you push it down into the cupcake.

3. Top liberally with pudding in leu of frosting.

4. Add a sprig of mint if you like.  I think it adds a certain something, and my neighbor had some growing in her kitchen and shared…but don’t go out and buy some.

5. I cut each cutcake in half and set it on a plate, because presentation is everything with these suckers. They are DELICIOUS and super easy!

We call them 'Sweetheart Cupcakes' because I made them for my sweethearts, and because the strawberry looks like a little symbol of love...before they started to shove them into their mouths, that is.   ;)

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Hi, i Love ur recipe. but i need some help:
- Prepare your pudding according to the package. Let set until nice and pudding-y (solid - wet gloopy pudding will ruin the cupcakes, so don't be in a rush, let the pudding firm up!)
does it means that the pudding has to be solid? if solid, then how can i top it nicely on the cake (after putting strawberry in) without pressing hard to fill inside the cake ? can i replace it with cream chess frosting ?

many thanks

Did you use Instant Pudding or Regular Pudding? And thanks to Plyman5....great idea using this for holidays using different colors. Thanks!

We never use regular frosting on our cakes as my family loves a pudding topping we have used for years now. The nice thing is you don't have to wait for it to set up and it's a little lighter than just plain pudding.
1 pkg dream whip (powdered topping)
1 box any flavor pudding you like ( in this case chocolate)
1 1/2 cup cold milk
Beat until stiff and you can top your cakes or cupcakes and eat right away!

I'm a bit confused.. why not just bake in the strawberry? Still, looks delicious, I can't wait to try them!

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Hello Oscelot,

If you baked the strawberry in the cupcake, it would make the cupcake very soggy.


What if the strawberries were dipped in chocolate beforehand so that way when you bite into the soft cupcake, you get the surprise of that little crunch when you break the chocolate shell.

Also congratulations!!!

Whoo hoo! Congrats on being a finalist in the contest! Good luck!

I love these! Thank you so much for sharing! You've got my vote!

Oh my! My hubby loves chocolate and my Mom loves chocolate AND strawberries. I have GOT to give these a try!! ♥

Wow.. These look 'almost' too good to eat! I'll be making these beauties very soon ;)


This may have an obvious answer but here goes: could you place the strawberry in the batter in the cupcake pans before baking? That way you could pour some of the batter on the top of it and it would all bake together - that would eliminate the coring and replacing.
The look terrific - yummy!

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We tried it that way, but the strawberries ruined the cake, they are very wet with natural juice, and the bottoms of the cupcakes FELL OUT when we removed them from the pan!

Well, I figured that maybe there was an obvious answer. DUH - I should've thought of that.

Oh well, they still look good. I'm always trying to eliminate steps if I can - but that doesn't always work.

Thanks for the cupcake idea.

Wonderful idea! Thank you! For the 4th of July switch the cake to white and use blue-tinted vanilla pudding. Red, white and blue! Top with a flag toothpick! Or for Valentine's Day, white cake again and pink-tinted vanilla pudding.

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Awesome idea. These look amazing and I can't wait to make them.