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Introduction: Chocolate Tiara Cupcake Toppers

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These cute cupcake toppers are an easy way to jazz up some cupcakes instead of spending money on expensive ones at a specialty store.  They would work great for a little girls birthday party, and could also be a little more grown up for a bridal shower or bachelorrettes  party!  You might also be able to do a jumbo version of this i'ble to use as a topper for a regular sized cake (I haven't tried it).

What you'll need:
cupcake materials
     -cupcake mix (either from the box or your favorite recipe)
     -cupcake liners
     -cupcake pan
     -frosting (from the can, buttercream from scratch, or fondant)
tiara materials:
    -chocolate (baking squares are preferable, chocolate chip decorations require refrigeration)
     -6.5oz aluminum can
     - wax paper
     -quart-sized ziploc bag (or pastry bags)
     - extra edible decorations if desired(sprinkles, edible pearls, etc.)

Step 1: Prep the Tiara Materials

This project is pretty much a two day project.  The first day will be making the tiaras, and the second will be baking and decorating the cupcakes.  That way the tiaras have plenty of time to set and the cupcakes will be as fresh as possible for your event.

1.     First I would recommend making the wax paper sleeves for your can. Wrap your can snug in the sleeve so that you get the right size.  Make the tube about 1" shorter than the can, it will be easier to work with later.  You can make as many of these pieces of wax paper as you will want tiaras.  Set the wax paper pieces aside once you have enough.
TIP: There are a few different sodas that now come in little skinny cans(6.5oz) as well as coffee drinks. If you aren't sure that its the right size compare it to the diameter of the cupcakes in the pan, it should be smaller. You could use something other than a can, but make sure it is cylindrical(not tapered) and that there is at least one side without a lip on it so that you will be able to pull the wax paper off smoothly.

2.  Fill your can 2/3 full of water   and get it in the freezer to start getting cold.

3.  Slowly melt the chocolate in a double boiler set-up.
TIP: Even if you don't have a fancy double boiler like the one you can win in this contest, it is pretty easy to make your own.  Just fill a saucepan about half full with water and place a glass bowl containing the chocolate in the water. I'm not an expert on melting chocolate, but I bet you will be able to find more tips in other entries in this contest if you're looking to refine your skills.

4.  Get your tiara ideas!  While the chocolate is melting and the can is getting cold is a great time to draw a few pictures of what you want your tiaras to look like.  Feel free to steal my designs, or you can do what I did and search google images for tiaras to get your creativity flowing!

Step 2: Make the Tiaras

This is the fun part where you get to actually make the tiaras.

1.  Lay out one of the pieces of wax paper that you made earlier.

2. Draw the 2D version of your tiara onto the wax paper in chocolate.  If you aren't big into cake decorating and don't want to buy the fancy frosting bags you can cut a small hole in the corner of a ziploc baggy and it works just about the same.  It works best for the base of the tiara to go about 70% of the circumference of the can.
TIP:  Be sure to make your chocolate thick enough that it will hold up later when you remove it from the paper.  Having a thick line for the base of the tiara will help, as well as tiara patterns with a good support structure.

3.  Add some bling!   The tiaras are cute on their own, but a little goes a long way when it comes to adding extras.  I found some heart shaped sprinkles at the grocery store to use.  You could also go to the cake section of your craft store and find those little edible silver balls, and I'm sure all sorts of other things.  You can also sprinkle the tiara with crystal sprinkles!

4. Once the tiara is complete, get one of your cans from the freezer and carefully wrap the wax paper around the can and tape it . 

5. Repeat!  By the time you have finished your second tiara, the first one should be cold enough that you can just slide the paper sleeve and tiara right off the can and put a new one on.

6.  Once you have finished all your tiaras, you want to make sure you leave them in the freezer for long enough to set.  I just left them over night, so I'm not sure what the exact required time is.

Step 3: Bake the Cupcakes and Make Your Frosting

Like I said before, you can bake whatever kind of cupcake and frosting you'd like. 
I was on a time crunch, so I did cupcakes from a box with some premade fondant from the craft store and some homemade buttercream.  Even if you use fondant frosting, keep in mind that you'll need to put on a base layer of buttercream to help it stick!

Step 4: Decorate!

Once your cupcakes are cooled and frosted, it's time to decorate!

1.  Remove your tiaras from the freezer one at a time.  I wanted to make sure they wouldn't have a chance at melting so I decorated them one at a time and got them into the fridge.

2.   Remove the wax paper from the tiara.

3. Place tiara on the cupcake.  If you used canned or buttercream frosting this should be pretty easy.  If you used fondant, it might be a good idea to dab a few dots of buttercream frosting on the cupcake where you will be setting the tiara to hold it in place. Otherwise they might fall off.

4.  Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this instructable, please send some good ratings or votes my way for the chocolate contest! Thanks!

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    gscotson preller
    gscotson preller

    7 years ago on Step 4

    Oh I just wish my granddaughters were'nt so far away. Would love to do these for their birthday parties.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I made the tiara cupcake toppers for our Brownie group cake sale. They were best sellers, so i'm going to make them for the village fair too!



    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I'm glad that they worked well for you. :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great technique! These would have been great for a royal wedding party!