Christmas Lightning Using Arduino Ide on Dp32 Board

Introduction: Christmas Lightning Using Arduino Ide on Dp32 Board

Things we need:

1. DP32 board

2. PGM Programmer (to program the board)

3. 2 USB Cables (micro and mini)

4. Adruino IDE

5. Boot loader

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Step 1: Download the MPLABX and Arduino Ide

Link to download MPLABX ->

Link to download Arduino ide for dp32 board ->

Step 2: Install the Chipkit Core

link to download chipkit core ->

So after downloading the MPLABX and Arduino ide, we need to install the Chipkit core. We are going to follow the step1 mentioned in the URL which is auto install using github URL. We will copy that github URL (which is ), then go to the Arduino ide, and select preferences and under 'Additional board manager URL dialogue box paste it.

Step 3: Addition Tool for Dp32 in Arduino IDE

Now we need to install the additional tool for dp32 in Arduino IDE. Go to Tools -> board -> board manager, and look for dp32. We can filter it by using dp32, and install that tool in order to make dp32 board working using Arduino IDE

After that being done, we need to go to tools -> board and select dp32 board

Step 4: Restoring the Bootloader for Dp32 Board

Now we need to program the chip "PIC32 MX 250F 128B" sitting on the dp32 board using the chipkit programmer. In other words we are downloading the boot loader onto the chip using programmer

link to download the boot loader for dp32 -> and scroll down to designer resources, and download the boot loader

Step 5: Programming the Hex File Onto the Dp32 Board

1: Open the MPLABX

2: Start a new project -> microchip embedded -> prebuilt hex project -> click next

3: browse where the boot loader was stored, select device 'PIC32MX250F128B' select hardware tool as a 'chipkit programmer' click next

4: project name and next

5: then hit the "make and program device" button, and PGM will start programing dp32.

6: the video shown above with flashing one green light means it is successfully programmed.

Step 6: Selecting the Port and Board

The last step is to make sure we are connected to right board and port.

Goto Arduino IDE, select tools -> select port -> select the applicable port and board

Step 7: Christmas Lighting

Now we have set up everything. So I made a simple Christmas Lighting. After writing a code we can Verify it by hitting 'Verify' button, and then upload it on a board by hitting 'upload' button. here is the code:-

The attached file has my code, and above video shows the output of the code, hope you like it !!

also link to see my code ->

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