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Step 1: Pattern/Supplies

We got our pattern from here...

Other supplies:
Carbon tracing paper
Paint (we used red, black, white, and gold)
Paint brushes
Saw horses
Option painters tape

Step 2: Trace

Set out your saw horses and place your plywood down on top. Lay out your crabon tracing paper. Then place your pattern on top. If needed use painters tape to hold it in place. Trace around the outline of your design. If you press your pencil a little harder you'll get darker lines. Also try not to rest your hand on the carbon paper. It smudges on your hands and the plywood.

Step 3: Cut!

Carefully peel back your pattern and carbon paper to save for later. Cut along the edge lines of your design using a jigsaw. Be very careful and take all safety precautions.

Step 4: Paint

Pull out your paint brushes and fill in your pattern. You can use whatever colors you choose! Have Fun. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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