Christmas Tree

I've bought a 3d printer and have a idea that combines 3D Printing and electronics. So I made this simple Xmas tree decorated with colorful lights twinkling with music. Let's start assembling!

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Step 1: Components

Step 2: Construct 3D Modeling

This is a simple model and can be download from the internet.

Step 3:

Import those models into Cure in a sequence and set printing parameters such as Printing Temperature, Fill Density, Print Speed, etc., then export GCODE files.

Step 4: Digram

Save exported GCODE files onto the SD card and insert it into the OverLord 3D printer SD card slot, then we are good to start printing! When it finishes printing, don’t assemble the parts yet! We need to build the twinkling part first.You may need to look at the schematic diagram below for reference.

Step 5:

Build up the electric part and test with music before assembling it onto the tree.

If electric part goes smoothly, we should then build it onto the tree. Here is the procedure:

1. Lead the RGB LED light strip through holes in between layers

2. Use M3*8 self trapping screws to tighten the Sound Cable splitter module with the Analog Sound Sensor module.

3. Fix the main board to the mount using self-locking nylon wrap.

4. Connect the circuit based on the schematic diagram.

5. Spin to fix the trunk part on the mount.6. Lastly, put those leaves onto the tree.

Step 6:

Now, it's done! Turn off all the lights and watch our Xmas tree shake with music!

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