Christmas Basket Liner

Introduction: Christmas Basket Liner

I was perusing embroidery design sites on line and saw that Embroidery Library was having a sale on Christmas designs (each only $1.25) So I bought a few, and downloaded them, and then put them on my thumb drive to take to the Tech Shop the next time I was there.

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Step 1:

Once at the TechShop, I put my thumb drive into the dedicated embroidery machine they have there and choses this sweet corner design. I had bought a six pack of green napkins at some post Christmas sale long ago and decided to use those.

Step 2:

I ironed the napkin. I hooped the fabric with a stabilizer on the back. Happily, the design is oriented to make hooping easy. I just had to line up the corner sides. Once on the machine I moved the design all the way over to the left and all the way down, because I wanted it as far into the corner as I could get it.

Step 3:

I chose my thread colors from what the TechShop has on hand and what I have on hand; and then I watched the machine do its thing - changing the thread when prompted.

Step 4:

all that was left was to tear away the tear away stabilizer and snip threads.

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