Circular Paper Airplane

This is a fun take on an old classic! It's a paper airplane in the shape of a circle. 

All you need is: 

1.       8”x11” sheet of paper
2.       1" piece of tape 

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Step 1: First,

Position paper in landscape format and fold bottom edge up  1”. Repeat this process 4 more times for a total of five 1” folds.

Step 2: Second,

Hold the right and left edges of the paper and curl it upwards to form the circle. The folded sections should be on the inside of the circle.

Step 3: Third,

Tuck right edge in-between folds of left edge. 

Step 4: Fourth,

Finish forming the circle by pinching folded edge to produce a circular shape.

Step 5: Fifth,

Place tape on seam to ensure the plane holds its shape.

Step 6: You're Done!

Throw the plane as you would a football! 

You can feel free to experiment with different types of paper, varying thicknesses of the folds, etc. Be creative and have fun! 

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